2014’s Global E-Commerce Trends to Look Out For

This past 2013 has been a big year for the e-commerce industry and we can only expect this to keep moving towards innovation and trends that are popping up this year. Keeping up with the industry’s growth is vital to staying on the competitive edge of the online retail market. Here are a few things that we could anticipate that would add fuel to the fire of the e-commerce industry.

Search Engine Optimization
Studies have indicated that most searches executed from search engines route directly to the top 3 search results. Keeping the contents of your site fresh, substantial, and interesting is the key if you want to stay in the market’s competition. Customer reviews, product pictures, videos, and descriptions will be the focus of online sellers if they plan to seriously revamp their business strategy.

“Big Data”
As for the veterans, this is the year where all their collected research will come into play. They’ll be making business decisions, accurately state forecasts of buying trends, and try to revolutionize shopping online based from their studies. This will keep things in a fresh perspective.

E-Commerce Goes M-Commerce
This has been around for a while now. But this time, mobile shopping will become the proving ground for both buyers and online entrepreneurs. Mobile devices have become much accessible, thus increasing the potential number of buyers. Mobile commerce is taking the globe by storm and consumers are expecting a new and exciting mobile shopping experience.

User Experience Upgraded
It’s basically saying that online stores will become more open and user-friendly. With the use of “Big Data”, businesses will be able to provide a more fit shopping experience to buyers like saving on their favored products, a hassle-free checkout process, and product recommendations based on the browsing habits of a customer.

Post while you Pay
It has become socially acceptable to the citizens of the internet to update social network statuses on where they shop, what they bought, and share it online. If customers are there, so should be the online sellers. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Google+ are sure to make a huge impact on SEO rankings soon. And this is why businesses should have their social media presence be constant and active.

Written by: Romariche Verga

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