2nd Office Holds Employee Training on Data Processing

As part of the company’s commitment to continuous skills improvement, an employee training on data processing was held last March 4. This in-house activity, which was facilitated by a trainer who has extensive knowledge and experience in the processing of data using MS Excel, was held within the office premises where all employees were requested to join.

This learning activity enabled employees to brush-up on their MS Excel skills in relation to data processing as the facilitator gave lectures, tests and exercises. Question-and-answer session was done in order to address areas and topics which were not fully understood by employees.  The training was informative and fun at the same time as “rewards” in the form of chips and donuts were given to those who answered correctly during the recitation. The one who got the highest score in the written exams got to take home a box of donuts as well.


Activities, such as this, are part of the employees’ lives in 2nd Office. With the company’s passion for employee training and development, skills and knowledge improvement is ensured. At the same time, clients are assured that quality work will be consistently delivered and innovative solutions are created.

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