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Cut Costs

 Save money by outsourcing your data entry. You can save up to more than 70% of your current labor costs and still have the same quality of work! Our highly trained staff is here to help your business grow 1 day at a time.

Grow your business

With the money you’ll be saving on labor costs, you can hire additional employees to grow your business at a faster rate. We’ve helped many businesses grow to new heights they could have never imagined without our help. We’re more than just an outsourcing company, we’re your 2nd office.


Highly Trained Staff

All of our staff members are college graduates and speak English. They are data specialists and can adapt to any work load that is given to them. We take pride in data accuracy and our quality of work, which is why we are one of the leading data entry firms in the Philippines.


Easy Management

We’ve made it easy to manage your offshore staff, we have our own web based software that tracks everything from projects to the amount of hours worked. You will also get a personal project manager so you will only have to deal with one person so you don’t waste your time managing others.


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