How to Create The Next Viral Video

Admit it—videos can be so funny and interesting at times, you just can’t stop watching them. Whether it’s a little kitty playing with a yarn, babies babbling or a person doing out-of-this-world antics—interesting videos really catch our attention, even prompting us to share with our own online network.

The question now is, how do you make super interesting videos to promote your business—videos which have the potential to get viral? Here are some great tips which you can consider. Who knows? You may be able to create the next video hit.

  • Keep the clip short

Research says that many people lose interest in videos after 60 seconds. Yes, after 60-oh-so-short-seconds. So in order to make your video interesting and effective, keep it short and direct-to-the-point. Here’s an example of a short video which has been getting a lot of views lately.

  • Portray your brand consistently

So how do you want your customers view your brand? Think of your brand message and have it portrayed on your videos consistently. You may opt to even create a persona to go with it! That persona could be a model, mascot, logo or tagline. Remember the super viral Old Spice video? That’s an example of brand portrayed strongly and effectively on videos.

  • Create crazy, almost unreal videos

Videos with crazy contents could also effectively market your brand. These types of videos could really get the attention of viewers, and may even prompt them to share with friends. The rule of thumb here of course is to make sure that the crazy content still relates with your brand.

  • Produce super funny videos

When a video makes the viewers laugh, it gets a big chance to become viral.   Create highly entertaining videos in order to make an impression. Also, when you create hilarious contents, you don’t have to directly promote your products in it. You may simply incorporate elements in the video that could point, or be linked to your business and brand.

  • Let your users create the video for you

And last but not the least, leverage on your users’ talents in creating highly effective videos. Run an online contest which prompts your users to create a video that will promote your brand. Set the criteria, and offer exciting prizes. Through this, you get to engage your users, create a buzz in the industry, PLUS a great video for your brand.

So do you think you’re ready to create that successful video? Go ahead and create one for your business. Or, if you’d rather seek some assistance first, just call us.