How to Get a Name for Your Business

One of the most important decisions that a business owner makes is selecting a name for the business. This seemingly easy task is actually difficult and tricky, because the name could spell the failure or success of your branding efforts.

Although there really are no clear-cut guidelines when it comes to business-naming, here are some tips which could help you have a good kick start:

  • Finalize the tone that you want to convey

How do you want to present your brand? Is it young and funky? Edgy or rebellious? Formal and serious? Before you think of names, you must first settle the image of your brand because this will heavily influence your naming strategy.

  • Run a comprehensive trademark search.

Before you commit to a particular brand name, make sure that you were able to run a thorough trademark search in order to determine whether the name is still available. If the name is no longer available, think of other options. In addition to trademark search, also check if the domain and social-profile usernames are not yet taken.

  • Think long-term

Always remember that English is not the only language in the world. If you’re thinking of a brand name, always choose something that’s not offensive in other languages which, possibly, you’ll do business with.

  • Fish for feedback

Before finalizing your brand name, never forget to ask for feedback from your friends, employees and customers. Their views and opinions can help you see other perspectives which could further help you determine the name that’s perfect for your business.

Bear in mind that the name that you choose for your business has direct effect on your brand. Be smart in your selection, and be thoroughly-informed before making a final decision.

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