How to Protect Your Digital Brand

Managing a business is already a challenging thing to do, and surely, the last thing that you’d want to see is damage inflicted to your brand. You must then take important measures to protect your brand, especially in today’s age where the internet revolutionizes the way things are done. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Research.  Before you finalize the name of your business or brand, make sure that you’ve done the necessary research in order to know whether the name is still available or not. Check if the URLs are still available and make the necessary purchase. You may also consider purchasing any URL that is close to your company or brand name. 
  • Get the necessary trademarks. Trademarking is an expensive, yet necessary process that you have to undergo. Even though you already own a web domain, it doesn’t automatically follow that you own the trademark as well. Give your brand or business protection and added rights by purchasing the necessary trademarks.

  • Partner with a lawyer even though you’re not dealing with a legal issue. Once you get into a business, it is also important that you find yourself a lawyer who could help you every now and then. Establishing a partnership with a lawyer as soon as possible will benefit you since you have someone who is already familiar with you and your brand. Hiring a lawyer is an added protection for your business that you should consider doing.
  • Build and grow your brand advocates. Another step which could protect your brand is the establishment of brand advocates who will be willing to jump into your defense once brand thievery happens. How do you do this? Make sure that your brand is lovable. Deliver what you promised and be consistent with the quality of your products or services. Also, work on building up your social media following by publishing relevant contents consistently, and interacting with your online community/ customers. Listen to your audience and give them value.
  • Follow the ‘Golden Rule.’ Respect other brands so you’ll get respect in return. One way of showing your respect is by getting permission or giving attribution whenever you need to use someone else’s content. Always remember NOT to treat other brands badly because surely, you don’t want to be treated that way as well.