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How to Search an Entire Site in Google

Do you ever feel annoyed whenever you search for something that’s so insanely specific and you can’t come up with the right keywords? Here’s a quick tip that could help you: how to search in just one domain for a particular search term.

Doing a site:search is an easy way to literally look for a particular search term in just one website. With this, you can browse the pages of a site and in the process, find information faster. So how do you exactly do this? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1.)    Go to

2.)    Enter this into the search box—site: search term.

Be specific with the domain or subdomain that you want to search. Always remember that your results will change depending on the subdomain that you enter.

For example, the results that you get when you type data entry are different from what you get when you enter data entry.

3.)    Refine your search.

If you want to further streamline your results, you can do so by adding more keywords. For example, if you want to view contents which are published last year, you can enter data entry 2012.

This quick tip is best used when you are searching for data/content in a particular site, but you don’t remember exactly where or when you want a very specific content to appear. You can also use the site:search function when you are tasked to write a particular post and you want to know what has been already covered on the topic.