How to Gain Instagram Followers to Help Promote Your Business

I already have Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest  and now I need an Instagram? If you’re selling products and you’re in a category where your target market likes to show off their new purchase, then Instagram is most likely for you!

So what’s so great about Instagram?


By practicing the above methods, you should be able to gain a good following to your instagram account. Instagram is awesome for companies in the fashion, photography, automotive, and food categories. Just as with any social media account, you’ll need to post daily and interact with your users if you want to gain a large following.

Once you start gaining those followers you can use a tool like statigram to keep track of metrics on your instagram account.

Here are some tips when posting on Instagram:

  • Always use hash tags. For ex. If you’re selling Nike shoes, you would want to use #nike #shoes #runningshoes #justdoit #kicks #sneakers
  • Follow users that you want to promote your brand to
  • Like and comment on pictures
  • If a user comments on your photo, comment back with a nice reply!
  • Find relevant hash tags for your niche & build a list
  • Use @ to give shot outs to your friends and customers
  • Use filters and post great looking photos