Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Marketing Messages

Written by: Gerard Diesta 

Almost every business makes use of the Internet so it is more important than ever that the copywriting for your business creates the professional image that you want to present. Although we may have the knowledge in creating a good copy and its role in making the right impression, we must also watch out for wrong ideas that may damage the business. The following are some mistakes that we need to avoid.

1. Thinking that your credentials matter

The consumers don’t care about you. They are only after the benefits that they will get from buying your product or service. It’s about what you can offer and what your products and services can do for them. So your copy must excite the customers’ interest and it should provide them with the information they are looking for. It’s all about them, not you.

2. Using the same copy everywhere

This is a bad idea. Your written material should change depending on where you’re using it. There should be different copies for billboards, posters, leaflets, news articles, magazines, newspapers and email. Studies proved how people who read materials online differ to those who read printed materials.

3. Using the same copy for different people

Always remember that different audiences have different concerns. Some consumers are more familiar with your products or services than the others and they will respond differently depending on their experiences, wants and needs. You must customize your copy and make sure it goes to the right audience.

4. Sounding too “technical”                                                                

Again, you have to consider different audiences. Some of them are teenagers and some are senior citizens. Using jargons and other “smart” words is not always good, but it may be applicable to business people. Just make sure to keep things understandable and if possible, accessible to everyone.

5. Thinking that writing a copy is easy

The truth is it’s not easy. Writing marketing copy is a specialized skill and it integrates different aspects such as persuasion, psychology, creativity and an understanding of the business world. And because not all copywriters are the same, you have to find a good copywriter who is professional and experienced, knows good grammar and understand your business and your customers.

A good marketing message is vital to any business. It can make or break a company. We make business by connecting to consumers and it should be our goal to make the right impression and avoid the mistakes I mentioned.

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