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Business Outsourcing Philippines

The Philippines is Asia’s current fastest growing BPO hub – garnering a steady annual 46% rise since 2006. The small country caters to the world’s top businesses, in multiple fields of expertise including call centres, data entry, finance, accounting, software development and logistics.

Outsourcing Philippines – Business Processes

Call Center

Filipinos are not only very proficient with the English language, they are also very familiar with western culture. Since the country was once colonized by the Americans, the language and the culture has stuck and became an integral part of the Filipino people’s lives.

Data Entry

Online catalogs, product listings, articles, blogs, legal transcriptions, medical transcriptions, marketing materials – these are all integral in the proliferation of a business’ stature. The Philippines has been steadily growing its stable of data entry professionals, writers, and marketing experts which has contributed to a huge chunk of the country’s BPO earnings for the last couple of years.

Software Development

With India helming the world’s top post in the field of IT and computer programming, the Philippines is trailing a good second and is on its way to fight for the throne. More and more Filipinos are becoming adept in computer language and its role in the world of business.

Virtual Assistant

New in the field of Business Process Outsourcing is Virtual Assistant Services. Virtual assistants assume administrative posts tasked with managing core activities and other low key but critical jobs. Since the Philippines is known for its people’s very hospitable nature, services such as the VA is close to second nature to them.

Outsourcing Philippines will continue to be a trend amongst businesses worldwide because the country’s portfolio is curently one of the best:

  • Low cost labor
  • Well educated and high quality workers
  • Native English speakers
  • Westernized culture
  • Progressive government support
  • Good business infrastructure