M2E Pro – selling on multi channels made easy!

M2E is an award winning, innovative solution. With over 83 main releases and 3 generations of M2E software delivered to the market, the M2E team only focuses on what they are good at: Multi-channels! Following over 80,000 downloads on Magento Connect , M2E Pro has become the most downloaded extension for Magento ecommerce platform and one of the largest multi channel solution providers in the world. M2E has always been a vocal supporter of small and medium businesses. Over 5,000 sellers around the globe have qualified for M2E Pro free monthly plan.

What makes M2E Pro different?

We never walk alone (yes, M2E proudly serves Liverpool Football Club as well) and we listen to our merchants! M2E Pro integrates with eBay, Amazon and Rakuten because we closely co-operate with these marketplaces in many countries. Version 5.x has been released in close cooperation with eBay teams from USA(2015) , UK(2012) and Germany(2013); eBay BOPIS has been developed with support of eBay Australia; the Amazon repricing module has been delivered with direct inputs from Amazon teams in Europe

So what is M2E Pro?

No clouds, no extra layers – only one point of a data entry and data management. Merchants retain full ownership over their own data and nothing is stored off-site making sellers become completely independent of any multi channel solution provider or vendor (yes, this includes m2e as well). M2E Pro is a simple but yet highly configurable software allowing sellers to adapt the solution to suit their business needs. New users can get listed on eBay or Amazon within 15 minutes from registering their hosting and without any need of IT knowledge (i.e. no installation is required)

How scalable is M2E Pro?

Our solution has been implemented by over 150 system integrators worldwide and we have presence in over 14 countries. Some partners provide M2E as a SaaS or POS/ERP system. Last Christmas, our Australian partner has launched over 800,000 listings for Co op on eBay via M2E Pro; Co op tried to use another multi-channel provider, however when the project stalled – M2E Team came to the rescue.

M2E Pro stories..

There are plenty of good multi-channel solution choices around. But please be aware that some “alternative m2e pro providers” are “good” at making stories about M2E, so please visit our Myths about M2E Pro web page and have a smile J

Web Site: www.m2epro.com