Teambuilding 2015 – 2ndOffice Style!

By Danielle Torno

Teambuilding activities are done to encourage camaraderie, enhance social relations among team members, and in our case, build better employee engagement. It’s also a way to take a break from the daily grind in the office, stop a while and get to know the people walking along the floors of 2ndOffice. Our population is getting bigger and bigger by the day, and it has come to a point where not everyone is acquainted with each staff in the office. It’s about time we break the barriers of being strangers in the hallways and floors of the office; to meet new friends and build better co-working relationships.


team building blog pic 1
We started the day with an assembly at 4:30am on Saturday, June 6th. Once everyone was in, we headed to our destination via the Antipolo-Tanay route to Lumban, Laguna – where our Teambuilding is to be held. The trip was a bit quiet and calm, as it is still too early in the day for everyone to be in the zone. At around 8 in the morning we arrived at Caliraya Resort Club, a mountain lake resort situated on a 7.6 hectare piece of land atop the mountains of Lumban. This place is perfect for company events such as what we were about to experience as it offers complete facilities that cater to adrenaline enthusiasts and adventurers of any age. Everyone had to be a bit excited by that time and thrilled by what lies ahead on that day. We rode a boat to cross the lake that secludes the resort from the mainland. Upon arriving, we settled and assembled at our assigned common area to get refreshed and prepare for our first agenda for the day: the June Company Assembly.

After wrapping up our company assembly, everyone was lead to a quadrangle, were assigned our teams for the day, and given some time to acquaint ourselves with teammates. Here are some of the fun activities we engaged in (and endured!):

teambuilding blog pic
Teamwork and concentration at its finest
  1. Our first activity of the day: the goal is to pass the ball along the pipes by each member to other teammates without the ball falling!

    teambuilding blog pic 2
    Obstacle Course is a staple in every Teambuilding Event
  2. Obstacle Course: A Teambuilding Classicteambuilding blog pic 4
  3. Tug o’ War: another teambuilding favorite; a test of strength, endurance, and teamwork indeed.teambuilding blog pic 5
  4. Earth Ball: a good mix of team cooperation and fun

It was indeed a day to remember. At the end of the day everyone was exhausted but had a good time and made new friends along the way. It was good to exercise teamwork and cooperation among the group. After this event, we are more comfortable with each other and the atmosphere in the office suddenly has that enigmatic vibe but in a good way. In all honesty, we can’t wait for the next 2ndOffice teambuilding and make new friends again with future colleagues and team members.