Tips on Making Effective Product Pages

Written by: Lea Serrato

Running an online business means you should know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEO traffic, and Meta data (description, title, and keywords). The problem is, the contents or product pages are oftentimes not optimized or are uninteresting.

There are ways to change that. Ways that make sure that even though you’re selling the same products as dozens or hundreds of other online stores, you’re offering a product that is interesting, unique, and draws search traffic and conversions.

Here are some tips on making effective product pages:

  • “Photo Op”

In your product pages, use original images and videos with creative descriptions. Make your pages unique with no duplicate content to be different with your competitors. License your original images and videos and link them so that when those become popular, it links back to your product page generating more traffic on your site.

Provide many images which are of good size and quality. There’s no reason to show the images if the customer can’t clearly identify the product.

As an added option, you could allow previous customers to post pictures they’ve taken of the product. Aside from saving you time and money, customers are able to give feedbacks which are taken into consideration by others.

  • Unique Content and Descriptions

The product description is important. It provides a short and precise description of what the product is and could be used to persuade the customer into buying that product.

Use creative and informative product descriptions. Don’t rely on the manufacturer’s content for your product’s description. Investing time and resources in writing your own product descriptions will make you unique among many competitors.

  • Ease of Use

Make the architecture of your website user-friendly. Create your layout in such a way that your customers can easily navigate it.

An example would be the Quantity option. If a customer wants to order 5 items of the same product, give the ability to change or choose the quantity. The frustration of having to click it 5 times and being redirected to their basket would likely make them try on another site instead.

Another example is by giving product options. T-shirts and shoes come in different colors, styles and sizes. Give the ability to choose their options within the product page to make it easier for customers to buy.

  • Include the Product in the URL

Search engines take URL structures into account. By including the product name in the URL, your product will be more relevant since it includes the keywords for the product name.

  • Social Media Integration

You could add social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc on your product pages. Integrating social media on your pages will help generate interest among your customer’s family and friends.

  • Test Your Site

With so many things to take note of, make sure your product pages don’t look overcrowded. Put the information in a suitable manner so that the most important information is at the top, and all the other details flows logically down the page.

Sometimes, the tips mentioned earlier are not enough. Personal and users testing is a great way to identify the weaknesses of your site. Re-design until you and your customers are satisfied.