What Is Creative Process Outsourcing?

Creation and production of marketing and advertising materials require ideas, time and resources. The quality and effectiveness of these materials could never be compromised so maintaining the quality & time of human resources is a must. However, this very task alone is demanding and tiresome, and requires much effort. Given the rising costs of getting and maintaining high-quality human resources and ideas, and the limited marketing budgets of companies, Creative Process Outsourcing was born.

Creative Process Outsourcing, or CPO is a one-stop solution for companies who have marketing and advertising needs. Through this, more quality work is done from the outside at a much lesser cost. Depending on the needs and requirements, some companies outsource the more mechanical or technical aspects of their work while maintaining the “think-tank” in-house. Some companies, on the other hand, opt to outsource the tasks that they don’t specialize in such as graphic design, photo editing and creation of videos. Larger companies typically outsource entire creative workflows to complement their in-house marketing teams.

Given these, Creative Process Outsourcing firms offer different services which range from full infrastructural and creative support to design and content services, online management, web development and others.

Aside from the cost-effectiveness that CPO firms offer, other advantages are the following:

  • Marketing and advertising portfolio is enhanced
  • Better focus on the business’ core competency
  • Flexibility of resources
  • Reduced infrastructure and operational costs

CPO is another branch of the BPO and KPO industries. It’s a concept that was born out of the need to maximize the effectiveness of companies’ marketing, advertising and brand management efforts.

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