Keeping online retail alive: eBay Best Sellers in 2020

The internet is flooded with thousands of shopping websites that offer a variety of items. Some have their niche, while others serve any product you might need. Among the many marketplaces is eBay, a top-selling platform that boasts quick sales, average prices, and good customer service.

What is eBay, and how does it work?

eBay is a popular shopping or selling platform that runs on auctions. When a product listing goes live, users can bid a price, and the auction runs for days. The last and highest bidder by the time the listing ends will get the item.

If you’re not a fan of flexible pricing, eBay also offers But It Now listing, where sellers can offer a fixed price and the first buyer gets the item.

Benefits of selling on ebay
Benefits of selling on ebay

Tons of small business sellers use eBay as their main channel because of the variety of options (compared to traditional marketplaces like Amazon or Shopify). Also, there are other benefits that eBay sellers enjoy:

  1. Opening a seller and buyer account is free (Charges apply to additional features such as listing products)
  2. Each item’s prices can increase based on customers’ perceived value of your products.
  3. Advanced search and filtering options for customers

Currently, eBay holds over 182 million users and 1.2 billion product listings on its platform – a clear proof of its popularity in the online marketplace industry.

The pandemic effect on eBay

People staying at home and online 24/7 caused a huge increase in eBay’s profit and forecast for the year. Even with unemployment rates slumping, consumers continue to purchase online for both their needs and their wants.

The company also noticed a peak in sales for masks and sanitizers, while more people started to check out items for their home office and routines. A good percentage of consumers also stocked up on medicine and other necessities to avoid stepping out of the house.

Bestselling categories during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Bestselling categories during the COVID-19 pandemic

After seeing the numbers, we became curious – what are the other types of products sold the most on a platform that offers almost everything? Here’s the list of surprising things that sell well on eBay.

eBay top sellers: Electronics

It comes as no surprise that gadgets are among the eBay best sellers. We live our lives today surrounded by technology, and the lifestyle reflects our retail practices.

  1. Bluetooth 5.0 Headset TWS Wireless Earphones Twins Earbuds 5D Stereo Headphones (Totally Sold: 30,517)
  2. JBL Link 10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Google Assistant (Total sold: 7,101)
  3. Lot 10 Fresh SONY CR2032 DL2032 ECR2032 CMOS Lithium 3V Watch Battery Exp 2027 (Totally Sold: 13,345)

eBay top sellers: Fashion

Fashion always stays in trend across decades. It remains as one of the big, if not the biggest, a player in retail. The fashion industry was quick to adapt to changing times, with brands offering online stores and social media shopping.

  1. Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor Classic All Star Lo OX Hi Tops Canvas Trainers New (Total Sold: 24,565)
  2. Mens Combat Cargo Work Trousers Size 30 to 54 with Knee Pad Pockets by BKS (Total Sold: 124,222)
  3. Vintage Gemstone Natural Aquamarine Silver Chain Pendant Necklace Jewelry Gift (Total Sold: 16,057)

eBay top sellers: Collectibles

Collecting items has always been a shared hobby for everyone. Whether you’re on the hunt for commemorative coins or action figures, eBay has a huge selection of authentic items that can fill a collector’s heart.

  1. Gold Bitcoin Commemorative Round Collectors Coin (Total Sold: 17,883)
  2. Funko Pocket Pop! Keychain Baby Groot, Batman, Deadpool Vinyl, Figure Keyring Hot (Total Sold: 6,457)
  3. Parrot Swing Quadcopter Camera Drone with Plane Mode + Flypad Controller (Total Sold: 4,830)

eBay top sellers: Lifestyle

Lifestyle items are must-haves for every person who wants to improve his quality of life. Sometimes, it’s a “treat yourself” type of purchase after a long week. Other times, it’s for a gift to a loved one. No matter the reason, lifestyle purchases remain on the upper ranks of eBay’s popular buys.

  1. EBay Gift Card S15 to $200 (Total Sold: 256,480)
  2. App Store & iTunes Gift Cards – $25, $50, $100 (Total Sold: 70,104)
  3. Vipertek Black VTS – 880 450 MV Mini Rechargeable LED Police Stun Gun + Taser Case (Total Sold: 10, 310)

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