Why Work Close to Home?

By Danielle Torno

The Daily Commuters’ Dilemma

According to recent statistics, 80% of Filipinos commute to work on a daily basis. Most of them are saturated around Metro Manila’s business districts. While great career opportunities are sure to be found in these areas, the average Filipino commuter faces a colossal setback that might take a while before he gets to the peak of his career life. Commuting is supposed to be a fast and easy means of transport, but given the current situation of the daily drama of traffic in the metro, it’s definitely not a walk in the park for the average commuter.

Here are some of the daily grind predicaments every Filipino commuter go through every day:

1.       Unbearable Traffic

It is common knowledge that traffic and road congestion is something that everyone who commutes experience on a daily basis. Yes, you might love your job (generally speaking). But the travel time going to and from your workplace probably is the one thing that doesn’t excite you about it. As of the moment, no concrete solution has been made yet to ease the traffic problems in the metro. However, the government assures they are continuously strengthening their efforts to resolve this long-running issue. For now, we can only make the best of our everyday situation. Or better yet, we can stop and take a moment to re-assess our options whether going on a long commute to work every day works best for us (especially in the long run, when we want to establish your career in a good company).

2.       Commuting Is (seriously) Costly 

Just how much does commuting really cost you? Remember, commuting is unpaid work. More often than not, although it varies from person to person, the cost of travel expenses is higher than your actual earnings. Unless, travelling is what you do for a living (a Sales job or others that require you to go places other than your office). Moreover, commuters almost always find themselves, in an attempt to avoid the rush hour traffic, inside malls, coffee shops, restaurants, or other recreational establishments to kill time. In effect, they tend to purchase non-essential items or eat out instead of having home-cooked meal for dinner. You might not notice it, but it will take its toll.

3.       Less Time for Recreation and Well-being

The more time you spend commuting, the more you are disconnected with your family and friends. Although these days, social networking are all the rage to connect with loved ones, nothing beats physical presence and quality time spent with the people who matters in your life. Also, you get less spare time to spend in doing other things that you love to do. Be it a sports hobby, a passion for arts and crafts, or a business stint on the side while having a full-time job. And lastly, commuters tend to get less time to take care of their health. Aching muscles, headaches, and stress are the most common things commuters experience in the midst of their commuting journey.

The Solution? Work Close to Home!

The best way to avoid these hurdles and not get into too much stress is by opting to work within the proximity of your abode. Nowadays, small and medium enterprises are not afraid to setup headquarters outside the metro; due to the fact that more and more people are looking to get more comfortable in terms of travelling to work on a daily basis.

The challenge is to find suitable candidates within the vicinity. Luckily, 2ndOffice offers a wide range of career opportunities for diverse talents. So, whether you are a frustrated writer, graphic design enthusiast, or technical aficionado, we definitely have something in store for you.

As the company grows, more and more career opportunities are being offered. Moreover, company culture is one of the most important factors in beckoning quality employees that can contribute to the success of the business. So, here at 2ndOffice, we foster a family-like culture within the company. We offer not just jobs; we offer a rewarding career and lifestyle. There’s always a chance to be whoever you want to be. You have the time to do the things you love aside from your day job because you are not bound to the hassle of commuting, traffic and all the drama that comes with it.

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