2nd Office eBay, Amazon, & E-Commerce Philippine Outsourcing Company


We specialize in eBay, Amazon and E-Commerce Product listing. We also offer Customer support services for your e-commerce business. Below are the services we offer.

Catalog Processing

  • Amazon
  • Big Commerce
  • Craigslist Posting Services
  • eBay
  • eBay Turbo Lister
  • eBay Blackthorne
  • Channel Advisor
  • E-Commerce Shopping Carts
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Magento
  • oSCommerce
  • Open Cart
  • Photo Catalog
  • Prestashop
  • Shopping Comparison Site
  • Stone Edge Inventory
  • Volusion
  • Web Site Catalog
  • Other E-Commerce Carts
  • Other Listing Platforms
Content Management
  • Product Description Writing Services
  • E-Commerce Content Mangement
Creative Services

  • Ads
  • Blogging
  • Creative Writing
  • Craigslist Posting
  • Graphic Design
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Photo Editing
  • Product Editing
  • Photo Slides
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

Customer Service

  • E-Mail Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Forum Support

Data Entry

  • Accounting (Data Entry only)
  • Banking Data Entry
  • General Data Entry
  • Internet Research
  • Order Processing
  • Pricing
  • Real Estate (Data & Research)
  • Social Media
  • Web Site
Other Services
  • Proof reading
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Need something else? Contact us

Fast-track Your Business’ Growth while keeping costs low – Outsource!

2nd Office Inc. helps entrepreneurs and small to medium size businesses grow from hundreds of dollars in sales a month to millions of dollars in sales a year with rates starting at $5 an hour.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I have thousands of products to list, but no time, money, or the resources to list all of them! I know I could be making more sales, but I just don’t know what to do…
  • I wish I could clone myself, I would be growing a lot faster if I had two or three of me that knew how to make product listings correctly..
  • Man, editing images takes so much time! I could be doing better things like researching for hot products to sell and negotiating better prices with vendors.
  • I wish I could find great, loyal and talented employees at minimum wage, but it’s just impossible! All the good ones I can’t afford…but how else am I going to grow? Talent is key to a successful business.

“Our mission is to help entrepreneurs grow their business so they can make more money while keeping their costs low, if you don’t make money then we don’t make money”

2nd Office – a company based in the Philippines was established with a mission to help other businesses grow and to stand as a second office and a partner in reaching their clients’ potentials. Our goal is to let businesses focus on their core activities while the outsourced staff do all the legwork, this way, no opportunity and potential will be lost, yet productivity is still optimized.

eBay, Amazon, E-Commerce Services

2nd office has over 10+ years of experience selling on eBay and Amazon.  If you’re looking for an outsourcing company that knows their way around the largest marketplaces online, 2nd office is your #1 choice. We breathe, eat, and sleep marketplace selling and helping your business grow.

We provide the following services for marketplace and e-commerce sellers:

  • Product Listing Creation
  • Product Research
  • Photo Editing
  • Price Research
  • Optimize Listings
  • Virtual Assitant
  • Customer Support (E-Mail, Live Chat, Messages, Forums)
  • Customer Support Voice (Coming Soon)
  • Feedback Removal
  • Store Management
  • Order Processing
  • Creative Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Forum Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development

Outsourcing Business Processes

Growing a business involves countless processes, which rely on a multitude of people with differing specializations. In order to evolve and succeed in proliferating the stature of the business, you’d have to take into account deliberating ways of reducing costs. Outsourcing business processes is the best solution practiced by huge global corporations to take their businesses to the next level. Outsourcing entire business processes takes away overhead costs that comes with running entire operations locally.

Save Money But Still Receive Quality Work

By outsourcing your work to 2nd Office inc. you are no longer required to pay insurance benefits, health benefits, allowances, and other mandatory wage-related costs that come with hiring traditional employees. 2nd Office will take care of all of this for you! On top of that, their rates are incredibly affordable; and they charge only for every hour worked. Nonetheless, since these outsourced workers are specialists in their respective fields, quality of work is guaranteed to match, if not exceed expectations. These individuals are college level employees, with skill-specific training to reinforce their existing skill sets.

Why outsource your work to the Philippines?

The Philippines is Asia’s current fastest growing BPO hub – garnering a steady annual 46% rise since 2006. The small country caters to the world’s top businesses, in multiple fields of expertise including call centers, data entry, finance, accounting, software development and logistics.

Filipinos are naturally caring, hardworking, loyal and bright minded people.

American English
Filipinos are not only very proficient with the English language; they are also very familiar with western culture. Since the country was once colonized by the Americans, the language and the culture has stuck and became an integral part of the Filipino people’s lives. This is very beneficial when creating product listings especially when most of your customers are American’s.