Grow Your Sales With a Trusted eBay Virtual Assistant

An eBay Virtual assistant is your remote companion who looks after every aspect of your eBay business and ensures it runs efficiently, without a pause.

You can do anything, but not everything. There are times when projects take you outside of your area of expertise. However, even if you enjoy doing what you do, it is always wise to find out whether it is worth your time. Specific tasks take a boatload of time.

Do You Face Any of These Challenges in Running Your eBay Business?

  • A massive backlog of inventory which is not yet listed and is challenging to organize and manage alone.
  • You have a constant inflow of inventory to sell, and this has made listing creation a super business tedious task for you.
  • Your precious time is being consumed in too many non-core, less essential tasks such as creating lists, updating them, writing descriptions, shipping, tracking numbers, and doing all the printing, among others.
  • You do not have the time to spend in creating your eBay lists and update them from time to time.
  • You are physically disabled and find it difficult to conform to specific eBay rules that you cannot physically do, for instance, tracking numbers when you can’t read the small amounts too well.
  • Your productivity with eBay selling is low, and it stresses you out.
  • You are technology challenged, and the computer work of eBay looks overwhelming to you.
  • You are new to eCommerce, and you find it challenging to figure things out or understand what is what. Alternatively, you’re not too familiar with the procedure of eBay selling.
  • You realize that your business requires an experienced staff member to help you with your eCommerce sales, but you can’t afford to hire a full-time employee.

If you face any of these challenges, your business is the right fit to hire our expert eBay sellers. Our eBay virtual helpers boast competitive skillset and phenomenal abilities.

Want to grow your eBay business multi-folds? Delegate down so you can rise.

The Multitude of Tasks Online eBay Assistant Perform

Virtual assistant (VA’s) are those extra pairs of hands who provide assistance to businesses from a remote location and help them accomplish a wide range of tasks. From social media tasks to research-based, data entry, data presentations, e-commerce, technical, administrative, scheduling meetings, travel management, real estate, bookkeeping, email management, and chat support, virtual assistants can do anything today.

Businesses these days look for virtual assistant with specific skill sets based on their requirements. eBay virtual assistants and Amazon virtual assistants are in massive demand by professionals selling items on eBay or Amazon, respectively. We, at 2nd Office, provide professionally trained eBay virtual assistants to help enterprises run an online business efficiently and seamlessly.

Our eBay selling assistant are trained exclusively to your business requirements, and they can help run your eBay projects smoothly. They can reduce your workload by handling a multitude of your eBay business tasks, thereby saving a boatload of your time.

Some of the tasks they can perform includes:

  • eBay Listing Creation and Optimization
  • eBay Description Writing for Products
  • Order Processing
  • eBay Price Research
  • eBay Inventory Management
  • Adding Tracking For eBay Orders
  • Customer Service
  • Basic Photo Editing & Re-sizing
  • eBay Competitor Analysis and Market Research
  • Other Marketplace & E-commerce Tasks

Why Hire eBay Virtual Assistant?

Because You Don’t Have To Do It All By Yourself!

Managing an online selling business is no mean feat, and it involves a plethora of tasks that are difficult to automate and usually take much time. Updating and uploading products on eBay while simultaneously managing other day-to-day activities can often become overwhelming for eBay sellers.

From procuring your inventory to prepping it, photographing and listing items, shipping, bookkeeping, and managing the entire catalog, an eBay online assistant can help grow your eBay business significantly.

  • An eBay virtual assistant or listing optimizer can even help improve your store’s listing visibility by strategically applying SEO elements to it. You would naturally sell more with improved listing visibility and higher ranks.
  • A dedicated online eBay virtual assistant can take care of your inventory management and help you avoid situations like lack of stock or overstocking that can negatively impact your eBay business.
  • Consider investing in an eBay assistant if your workload is starting to get overwhelming. With an eBay helper, you can buy more time to focus on your core business processes and increase the speed of your growth.

How An eBay Lister Can Help You

Finding exceptional items to sell on eBay is only the first step. Listing, organizing, photographing, writing a good description, and shipping them securely are some of the other significant steps that are part of the eBay selling business.

Listing and updating items can be a big hassle for eBay sellers. It is one of the most common challenges they face that hinder their success on the platform.

Areas where an eBay Lister Can Be of Use For Your Business

  • An eBay lister help you create listings for your products that would be sold online. In addition to this, he may also write product descriptions for entire listings to optimize the copy to make your products search-friendly.
  • If your older listings aren’t optimized already, the eBay virtual assistant may help improve them to maximize your sales and ratings.
  • A professional eBay lister could also double as a product photographer. All he would require is some basic knowledge of the company and its products, along with relevant work experience.

Free Listings on eBay

If you’re a private eBay seller and you haven’t opted for the monthly subscription yet, you can list as many as 1000 items free of cost each month. If your inventory exceeds 1000 items and you prefer to list more than this limit, it would cost you 35p per item. An eBay Lister has in-depth knowledge of all the rules related to eBay listings.

Why Choose Our eBay Virtual Assistant Service?

From fashion retailers selling on-trend fashion items to healthcare and medical equipment suppliers, fitness gear suppliers, jewelry sellers, and booksellers, among others, our eBay virtual assistant service has helped clients from diverse industry backgrounds.

While a regular eBay virtual assistant service helps you meet your short-term business needs and ease up your workload, our eBay virtual assistant service will not only lighten up your workload but also help you grow big and achieve better results with significantly increased sales. We offer complete eBay solutions right from listings to inventory management, SEO optimization, and everything in between.

There’s no fun in choosing eBay virtual assistants who aren’t passionate enough about eBay. In addition to being highly passionate about eBay, all our eBay listing assistants are skilled researchers who are thoroughly screened and have the real-world knowledge of the eBay marketplace, rules, and policies. We ensure to train them to do eBay listings, Amazon and Magento.

Get Started With Your eBay Selling Business

We also hire and train customer support representatives to help with seamless and efficient email management. Once you provide us with all the required documents for your enterprise, we start the training of your representative. After the completion of training, he would become an expert at answering customer queries without requiring any help from the client or us.

Our friendly eBay business development team will actively analyze your eBay business needs and help you grow your eBay business. Contact us to hire eBay sellers and get things started for your eBay selling business.

Want to save up to 70% off labor costs? Get a dedicated eBay staff member to work exclusively for your online business. Our dedicated staff member plan includes skilled and reliable eBay assistant who will help you become a successful eBay retailer and will make your online store optimized with the help of advanced SEO principles.

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