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eBay Store Design Overview

Getting an eBay Store Design is known to increase sales by 30% on average. 2nd Office offers offers professionally designed stores at very affordable prices. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and one low price for all clients. We know what an eBay seller needs to be successful on largest auction site in the world, so we try to give you all the  store design features without charging you extra for bigger packages. Other companies offer different packages at different prices, but with us  our eBay shop design package has everything you need at one low price!

Our designs work with almost any platform, here’s a few that we work with already…

What’s included with your eBay store design?

Advanced eBay Store & Listing Design

2nd Office


Header Design Yes Yes
Custom Branding Yes Yes
Custom Pages Yes Yes
Logo Design Yes Yes
Listing & Store Template (both included in our price) Yes Extra Cost
Side Promotional Boxes Yes Extra Cost
Custom Search Boxes Yes Extra Cost
Dynamic Store Categories Yes Extra Cost
Header Mega Menu Yes Extra Cost
3 Slider Images Yes Extra Cost
Custom Splash Landing  Page Yes Extra Cost
12 Month Hosting of Design Yes Extra Cost

Why use us for your eBay Store Design?

Yes Increase sales up to 40% Yes Designed to help increase your sales
Yes 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Yes Hundreds of happy customers!
Yes Dedicated eBay designer throughout the whole process Yes Advice and support from our eBay team
Yes Custom, unique and professionaly designed for your store Yes Templates made for your listing tool
Yes Best prices in the industry Yes Quick, transparent and reliable service!
Yes Experienced designers Yes Free design hosting for the first year

The Process

Setting Up (Day 1 – 3)

We will be sending you an email with questions regarding your wants and needs for your design. This form will enable us to service you better. We may also give you a follow up call to answer any questions you may have or to confirm a few things regarding your design. We would like this form back within 24 to 48 hours.

The Mock Up (Day 3-5) 

Once we receive the form you filled out, we will know exactly what your requirements are for your eBay store design. We will begin drafting the first mockup of your eBay store design.

The Preview (Day 6 – 9)

During this stage, we will be implementing your design and coding to give you a live preview of your new eBay store design. The preview is not yet live on your eBay store, all of this is done on a temporary site and will be transferred over to your eBay store after you approve of the design. During this time, you may send us your feedback via email or call us via phone. We will then make changes based on your feedback.

Let’s go LIVE! (Day 10)

Finally the day has come when your new custom eBay store design is ready for launch! We will transfer the final design onto your live store. After transfer, we will make sure there aren’t any bugs or any issues with the store design before signing off the project as done. Now that the store design is finished, just sit back and relax while more traffic starts coming into your store!

 NOTE: Calculated days are in business days

eBay Store Design Samples
Ad Template

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Company Overview

The company is a Top Rated Plus mobile phone & accessories seller.


  • Converting all listings into a new eBay design template
  • Re-design current store to a more professional and buyer friendly layout
  • Cannot lose current re-indexing of eBay listings (ex. listings with hundreds of sales)
  • Migrate listings from Blackthorne to Magento M2E Pro


2nd Office proposes to build the client a web that that will integrate eBay and his online sales into one platform. We use Magento and their plugin called  M2E Pro to accomplish this.

  • We re-design their eBay store using their company logo and we create a template that is attractive and buyer friendly. We use a tabbed style template to separate shipping, payment, condition and about us policies. This insures that the customer can read their policies easily and will reduce the amount of questions the client will get.
  • We export all of their current eBay listing data from Blackthorne and then import it into Magento, we optimize the eBay titles while we’re at it to help increase their sales.
  • What about the eBay listings that we cannot end and re-list because of the great sales history on eBay? We revise over 100 listings manually through eBay’s backend and we apply the new template design by revising the live listing itself.


The seller sees a 31% increase in sales within the first few weeks of re-designing, optimizing, and adding additional listings with the new eBay store design and template design. Buy getting your store professionally designed, buyers will feel safer when purchasing products from your store. It not only makes your store look good, it also increases buyer confidence! 

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