Beat Your Competitors with an Effective Amazon Competitor Analysis

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The difference between Amazon sellers with a high sell-through rate and those with a low rate lies in their amazon competitor analysis and market research.

Before going ahead and purchasing products to sell online successfully, it is crucial to understand what sells and what doesn’t. Amazon market research will help you make an educated decision on what products to buy.

We utilize the latest tools and technology to provide you sales ranking and graphical data for sales on Amazon. All of this information is presented in the most natural possible language for a layman to understand.

Running an Amazon Competitor Analysis

Don’t lose out by missing a routine Amazon competitor research and analysis. Your competitors are already keeping a tab on you.

There are several ways to evaluate your Amazon competition. Let us talk about the most effective ways of conducting Amazon competitor analysis:

  1. Define your competitors

    The first step of Amazon competitor analysis is to understand who exactly are your competitors and how many of them are there. This will help you know about the products that top brands are selling, and you could avoid selling them as competing with them would be quite a big challenge. If you’re confident about beating your competitors by offering certain competitive advantages with your products, you may go ahead.

  2. Keep a close eye on your competitors

    To have excellent marketing tactics, pay close attention to your competitors, their offers, and promotion, among other things. Start with your competitors’ product listing. This aspect of Amazon market research will help you find out their strengths and weaknesses, which would help you ensure to make your listings appealing enough. Next in time are your competitors’ product reviews that will help reveal the problems with their products. The pricing your competitor offers is another element you need to pay attention to be able to keep your price competitive at all times.

  3. Get a feel of the competitors’ profile

    Tapping into the public sources of information, such as the website domain, business records, director’s story, job posting history, among other things, will help you draw up a list of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Start your Amazon competitor research by checking your competitors’ product page for titles, descriptions, photos, and branding elements. Use keyword research tools to find the keywords your competitors are using. Some Amazon sales estimator tools should be able to help you find your competitors’ monthly sales per product.

  4. Keep an eye on your competitors’ ad campaigns

    Ensure to find out when your competitors launch their ad campaigns, on what scale do they start them, and with what frequency. Some popular reverse ASIN lookup tools can help you in this aspect of Amazon competitor analysis.

  5. Track your niche competitor

    Doing this will help you optimize your Amazon sales. To do this, you can use an excellent Amazon product research tool that offers some sophisticated features. The tool would be able to help you follow the movements of your competitors carefully and enable you to make profitable product investment. In addition to this, you will also be able to email alerts on the status of your listings.

Importance of Conducting Amazon Market Research

The competition in the Amazon marketplace has grown fierce. Keeping a tab on your competitors will help you achieve success and outperform the other merchants on a marketplace like Amazon.

  • A common mistake that most Amazon sellers commit is to buy hot items with little competition. Not confronting the competition won’t do you much good. Sure, you need to break into new markets. But not at the cost of being absent in old markets. Doing a bit of Amazon market research will help you analyze your competition, which, in turn, will help you be closer to your goals and stay on top.
  • Doing Amazon competitor research will give you the power to make more accurate and informed sourcing decisions for your portfolio and to keep your pricing strategy competitive. By keeping an eye on their advertising and promotional strategies, you will be able to optimize your advertising campaigns and make better ad spend decisions.
  • Want to buy more traffic for your products at a low cost? The PPC strategy is a significant part of the Amazon competitor analysis. An understanding of the current PPC landscape will not only help you lower your CPC (Cost per Click) but also allow you to leverage the high keyword potential that lies within sponsored products.

Hire Us for an Effective Amazon Competitor Research

Want to beat your competitors on Amazon? We will help you record and predict your competitors on Amazon.

  • Want to bring in new lines to sell but don’t know where to start?
  • Want access to over a hundred different brand name suppliers and compare to see which one suits the best?
  • Want to purchase the best-selling products within your budget?

2nd Office gets sales data for over 30+ brands. We can break the sales all the way down to an SKU level and categorize them. Our expert researchers can provide you with a list of ASIN’s per SKU, with their current sales rank, a list of sellers for each item, and the price each seller is selling the item for, among other things.

With the data gathered, our highly skilled researchers are able to combine the sales data and provide reports of the competitors, including sales rank, competitor pricing, and competitor names. This data could be used to your advantage for making educated decisions.

We can enable you to maintain a competitive edge on Amazon by helping you conduct an effective Amazon competitor research.

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