We conduct market analysis and provide sales ranking and sales data


Ever wonder why some sellers have such a high sell through rate and thousands of feedback? It’s all about Amazon competitor analysis and market research! To be successful on Amazon, you need to know what sells before even buying your products. By knowing your market, you can make an educated decision on what to buy next. We provide full Amazon competitor and market analysis services. Utilizing the latest tools and technology, we are able to provide you sales ranking and graphical data for sales on Amazon. All of this information is presented to you so that even your kid could read it.

Case Study

Company Overview

The company is a top rated seller in the fashion category selling clothing and shoes.


  • Wanted to bring in new lines to sell, but didn’t know where to start
  • Access to over a hundred different brand name suppliers
  • Purchasing the best selling products within their budget


2nd Office gets sales data for over 30+ brands. Sales were broken down all the way down to a SKU level and categorized:

  • 2nd Office gets a list of ASIN’s per SKU, with their current sales rank
  • A list of sellers for each item
  • The price each seller is selling the item for


With the data gathered, 2nd Office is able combine the sales data and provide reports of the competitors including: sales rank, competitor pricing, and competitor names. The client is able to use this data to his advantage. The client creates a pricing strategy and can now make educates decisions on what to purchase for his next FBA shipment.


Our Amazon competitor analysis and market research services are available through the following plans:

Turnkey Project Delivery

Perfect for companies who want to assemble a team to finish a project or any other task without having to commit to a full time staff member.

Managed Services

Companies who require a dedicated staff member working exclusively for their business will benefit from our dedicated staff plans. Save up to 70% off labor costs!

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