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How it Works

  1. Fill out our short application
  2. We’ll contact you and get your project details
  3. Send us your project details and we will then give you  a rough estimate on the cost of the project
  4. Purchase one of our project or dedicated staff plans and we’ll get started working on your project as soon as possible!

Our Facility

4 workstations at 2nd Office's open plan workspace showing wide desks, 2 monitors each station, and swivel office chairs

We provide a relaxed and professional atmosphere for our staff members to ensure maximum productivity. All of our tables, chairs and equipment are state of the art and we have invested heavily into our facility. We only want the best for our workers as this reflects on the quality of work that will be delivered to our clients.

Management Software

Our management software enables you to do the following:

  • Assign tasks
  • Assign due dates
  • Calendar
  • Communicate with your staff via web or messenger tools
  • Daily project updates
  • Time tracking & Reporting
  • Upload files (images, word docs, excel files)
A screenshot of an example of a task report indicating the date and total task execution time saying


A two-monitor computer setup complete with mouse and keyboard on one of the commonly used stations at 2nd Office's workspace
All of our computers are equipped with

  • 4GB of ram
  • Intel Processors (dual core, i3, i5, i7)
  • 4GB of Ram
  • Dual monitor setups for maximum productivity

Our Guarantee

We guarantee all of our work. If for any reason you do not like our work we will revise it until you are satisfied with the final product or your money back.


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