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With the growing competition in the Amazon selling business, standing out is a tough job. But since the visual sense plays a crucial role in customers making purchasing decisions online, products with a unique visual appeal never fail to sell big.

Our team of professional graphic designers are well-versed on professionally editing photos that meet Amazon photo requirements and standards.

Sample Work

A before and after comparison of an iPhone 4 photo when the background was still present and when the background is removed

A before and after comparison photo of a women's lower body wearing blue jeans vs. when she and the background is edited out

Amazon Photo Requirements

  • The file formats, image pixel dimensions, color modes, and file names are some of the essential technical Amazon photo requirements for product images to be submitted to Amazon. According to Amazon photo guidelines, you are required to use TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or GIF file formats. When it comes to image pixel dimensions, 1000 or anything more significant in either width or height is considered good according to Amazon photo requirements. sRGB or CMYK are the preferred color modes according to the platform’s standards.
  • According to Amazon, the image must be a real photograph of the product being sold. It discourages using any vectors or graphic illustrations of the product.
  • Amazon sellers must keep in mind not to keep any distracting elements or additional objects that are not directly related to the product. To stay in sync with Amazon photo requirements, ensure that the product image is in focus and is photographed using good lights.
  • Coming to the frame, you need to fill at least 85% or more of the image frame, according to Amazon design experts.

There are lots of free online photo editors available on the web; however, Amazon has established standards that you need to meet to be able to sell on their marketplace. However, choosing any of the free online photo editors might lead you to degrade the quality of your image. If you fail to meet these Amazon photo requirements and standards, the platform may even suspend your account.

Choose our Amazon photo editing service to ensure all your product images meet Amazon photo standards.

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How to Remove Background from Your Amazon Product Image

The best way to draw attention to your product and also increase your page loading speed is by removing your product image’s background.

You need to get rid of your image backgrounds, too, according to Amazon photo requirements. There are some free online photo editors that you can use to remove the background of your product photos.

  • Paint.Net is a free online application that lets you remove image backgrounds easily. Among the full range of tools and features it offers, Magic Wand is one such tool found in the toolbar using which background removal is much more comfortable. To ensure only the background is selected, it lets you adjust the tolerance since there are high chances of selecting part of your product when you choose the background to remove.
  • Adobe photoshop is another best option as photo editing software used by graphic designers globally to optimize product images and remove backgrounds. Although it isn’t a free tool, professional designers around the world use it to achieve a highly professional look with their images.

Background removal is only the first step to optimize your product image.

Choose our Amazon photo editing service to allow us to handle your store’s design tasks. Our expert graphic designers have mastered image editing skills and know the best tricks and standards for editing your product images for Amazon.

Changing The Product Image on Amazon

If you’ve decided to replace your outdated Amazon product image to keep in tune with the latest Amazon photo requirements, making the update is an easy task. Ensure that the new image you want to replace your existing one with has been professionally edited using an excellent free online photo editor.

Once you’ve got a product image according to your expected standards, changing it for your Amazon product listing is a simple task. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Go to your Amazon Seller Central dashboard.
  • In the Manage Inventory page, you’ll see the list of all your products appear. The page provides you with the options to view, search, and update your product information.
  • Select ‘Manage Image” on the extreme right from the dropdown menu corresponding to the product you wish to change the image for.
  • You’ll be taken to the page which shows the Amazon product summary of the specific product.
  • From the see six different tabs you see under this summary, select the Images tab.
  • Click “Remove Image.”
  • Once you’ve removed it, you will be able to choose a new image file to upload.
  • Click “Save and Finish.”

There you are with the new product image. Updates relating to product images may take up to 24 hours. In case you’ve made the necessary change but do not see it yet, wait for at least 24 hours. Opt for our specialized Amazon photo editing service to get help with all your Amazon photo editing managing tasks.

Best Practices for Editing Amazon Product Images

Whether you’re setting up new product listings or updating the existing ones, it is essential that you adhere to Amazon photo guidelines and other technical requirements for the platform to accept your images.

Some of the best practices to follow while optimizing Amazon product images include:

Following the technical image requirements for Amazon

  • Ensure your product images are at least 1000 pixels in either width or height, and the product fills at least 85% of the frame. Also, take care of the format of your images. JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF are the accepted file formats by Amazon.
  • Another critical element that you need to be careful about is that all your product images have a pure white colored background. As far as the color mode is concerned, both sRGB and CMYK are accepted.
  • Coming to the file names, they must include the product identifier, which must follow with a period and a file extension.
  • For design considerations, make sure you do not include any text, borders, logos, or watermarks in your product images.

Following the non-technical image requirements

If you have color variants for your products, ensure they are reshot. Use high-quality images for the MAIN and child SKU images. Ensure you use real photos instead of drawings, vectors, illustrations, or other graphics. Remove any distracting elements from your frame that aren’t directly related to the product. Ensure to use sharp, well-lit, and high-resolution product photos.

Use a variety of product photos to give customers a detailed view of the item

Take shots from the front and back, and also consider showing the inside of the product, especially if there are important features there. Think about all the possible angles your customers would want to see your product from. Consider choosing a reputable Amazon photo editing service to get expert photographers to capture your Amazon product photography.

Do not lose sight of the entire frame

While focusing on the subject of your image is essential, also ensure to pay attention to the edges and corners of your product photos. To adhere to Amazon photo requirements, ensure the product image is big enough for it to get noticed, however, to fill the frame, do not cut off the subject.

Give out important information

While editing your Amazon product images, make sure you call out dimensions, features, and other relevant information.

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