Boost Your Sales with a Brilliant eBay Store Banner

Beautiful visuals won’t just sell your products. They’ll sell a pleasant experience around your online selling business.

An eBay store banner is a key element of a stunning eBay store design.
Once you’ve decided to open your eBay store, the next thing is to ensure that your storefront looks nothing less than perfect. A beautiful banner and billboard on your eBay storefront will instantly catch the attention of your users like none other.

Want to boost your eBay sales?

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Creating a Stunning eBay Store Design That Sells

A good eBay store design will help you in these ways:

  • Improving your store’s shopping experience and entice shoppers- Since they will keep coming back to your store, you’ll ultimately end up selling more in the long run.
  • Helping you close deals- Stores that have a professional look and feel tend to draw in more traffic. Think of a crowded physical store with disorganized shelves. Now compare it with a well-organized one. You know where you’d want to head, don’t you? The same is the case with online stores.
  • A well-designed store will have the on-sale items highlighted for your customers to see. Also, cross promotion of items is a lot more strategical in good store design.

When it comes to creating an eBay store design, you have multiple options to do so.

The DIY (Do It Yourself) way

This is a good option for amateur sellers whose inventory turnover isn’t a lot. To design your eBay store independently, click the “Build Your Store” link after your store’s official setup is done. Choose an inviting “Billboard Image.” Mind the proportions for eBay Banner size while doing so. A width of 1200 pixels and 270 pixels must be maintained for an eBay billboard image. Next, add a logo for your store and put it in a catchy description. While doing so, ensure the description is clear and relevant enough for customers to connect with you. Finally, you can consider tweaking your eBay store’s theme by going in “Display Settings” under “Manage My Store” and using the “Change to another theme” link. Play around with colors, fonts, and layouts to up your branding game

Using ready-made templates

This is another option you have to design your eBay store, particularly if you’re not willing to put in much effort. You can link these ready-made templates to your eBay account.

Custom designs

The third option is to hire a professional eBay expert company who can take care of your eBay banner size & provide custom made designs for your banners and logos. If you are a seller with serious selling goals and one who wants to dominate the market, this option would be most suitable for you.

Optimizing your eBay Store Design

The best practices that eBay recommends for optimizing your eBay store are:

  • Making the eBay storefront user-friendly
  • Choose an enticing Billboard Image, one that highlights your brand vividly. Or it can also highlight an ongoing or upcoming sale in your store.
  • Ensure to use a logo that represents your brand identity.
  • Consider the description as a means to tell your brand’s unique story.
  • Organize your products by using the “Categories” feature appropriately.
  • Allow your customers to share your products with their friends by using the “Share” feature.

Adding a banner to your eBay store

How to Add a banner to your eBay store?

  • The way you’ll add a banner image will depend upon whether you’re trying this via Seller Hub or your Classic Active list page.

  • If you’re on the Classic Active List page, find the “Manage my store” link on the left and click that. If you’re on the Seller Hub, you will find the “Manage Store” link on the shortcuts tile
  • .
  • Next, open “Selling Manager” and click “Edit Store” on the left. You will be taken to the Store Edit screen, which will have the storefront and the banner area. You will see an ‘Add Image” feature here.

  • Now, since you need to add a banner to your eBay store, find a little icon in the background of the store edit screen in the upper right-hand corner. Click it to add your banner.

Changing banner on eBay store

It is a good practice to update the banner on your eBay store frequently.
You need to be on the “Edit Your Listing’ page to be able to change the banner image on your eBay store. Choose an image and copy the URL of that image. Paste this in the HTML version of template design, and you’re done.

Strategically categorize your eBay store.

So you thought only a physical store could have the aisles and shelves with products organized and displayed? Well, eBay stores have them too in the form of store categories. As many as 300 shop categories and subcategories are available for creation.

To set up your eBay store categories, you first need to think like a buyer. The ultimate goal of your store categorization should be to help buyers find items without getting overwhelmed.

Before you set up store categories, ensure that you have enough listings. This will make your store categories meaningful and the customer buying experience pleasant.

Also, it is required not to use more than 29 characters for each category name.

For a free listing, consider one of these two categories:

  • The main store category
  • A secondary store category

To add store categories and subcategories, login to you eBay account, click the “Manage My Store” link on the left side of the page, click the “Store Categories” link on the left side of the page, and finally, click the “Add Category” button to add a category. You will be required to click the Category Name link for the category where you’d like to add subcategories.