Our Professional Customer Support Team Can Help Grow Your eBay Business

Our eBay specialists can help bring your eBay store design ideas to life.

Concentrating on one or two core strengths will help you win your customers over and over again. Need help finding that distinguishing factor for your business? We will help you find that one aspect you excel at and present that strength to your customers in a way that will make you authentic and trusted in their eyes.

eBay listings are an essential part of eBay business that must be treated as an ongoing process instead of a “one-time creation” to stay ahead of the competition and succeed on eBay. Our eBay experts can help you maintain and optimize your eBay listings regularly.

Your sales might not be what you expect them to be because of the simple reason that your eBay templates and listings fail to grab the attention of your consumers. Investing your precious hours in creating awesome eBay templates is a waste if you ultimately fail to grasp the customers’ attention with your listings in less than 6 seconds.

We can help you create attention-grabbing headlines for your listings to ensure your customers do not move on to your competitors’ listings.

eBay Services and Solutions We Offer to Support eBay eCommerce Businesses

eBay Services and Solutions We Offer to Support eBay eCommerce Businesses

Our dedicated eBay professionals can help you manage your eBay business seamlessly by providing custom services and solutions, such as:

  • eBay Store Design and Development

We provide stunning eBay store designs to help your storefront stand out. Want to implement your brand theme into your eBay store design? Our expert eBay designers can strategically customize your store’s design to ensure it is in tune with your business image. Our eBay support team will help you strategize a unique storefront design that depicts your offerings in the most stylish yet professional way.

  • eBay Listing

From maintaining regular eBay listings to optimizing them, and designing stunning eBay listing templates, our highly-skilled eBay experts will help your eBay listings look aesthetically appealing for maximum visibility. Need eBay eCommerce support or expert advice with your eBay listings? Get in touch with our eBay eCommerce support to know better about the kind of eBay listing designs we offer.

  • eBay Photo Editing

Since a visual appeal is the most critical part of the online shopping experience, excellent product photographs play an important role in luring customers to make the purchase. Our eBay specialists can help enhance your product photographs while following the recommended eBay Photo standards and practices.

  • eBay Virtual Assistant

Our eBay virtual assistants can handle a multitude of your business tasks, from creating eBay lists to optimizing them, writing product titles and descriptions, processing orders, researching prices, managing inventory, adding tracking for eBay orders, serving customers, editing & re-sizing eBay product photos, running competitor analysis and market research, and other eCommerce tasks.

  • eBay Inventory Synchronization

Keeping your store inventory synchronized to the eBay store will help you save a track on your stock and consistently update it. This will ensure to maintain your inventory levels so that you neither run out of it and nor overstock on products. If you’re facing troubles while doing a full eBay stock sync manually, get in touch with our customer support.

  • Professional eBay Store Banner

Our eBay design specialists provide beautiful banner and billboards for your eBay storefront that will instantly catch the attention of your users. Achieve a polished look with your eBay store with the custom store banners that our designers create.

Reaching eBay Customer Support

Has reaching the eBay customer service team become stressful for you?

With over 25 million sellers existing in the popular marketplace, building a big support team to handle this massive number of sellers is an enormous financial expense for eBay. This is the reason it directs sellers, who look for help, either towards their automated answers or to the eBay community, and only lets them connect with their human representatives as a last resort.

If you’re trying to reach the eBay customer support to get help with resolving an issue you’re facing with your online selling business on the marketplace, get in touch with our eBay specialists. We can help you reach eBay support in many different ways.

  • Social Media

    The first way our eBay specialists recommend sellers to get in touch with eBay support is via social media. In this globalized age, communication through social media is flourishing. eBay’s Twitter and Facebook support is quick and hassle-free. Reaching eBay support on either of the two platforms is pretty straightforward, and you can expect an immediate response too.

  • “Help and Contact” section

    If social media support isn’t an option for you, you can use the “Help and Contact” section on the platform. Clicking the blue “Contact us” option at the bottom of the page will take you to a page where you’ll need to select the relevant category you need help with. After clicking the option that best describes your issue, you’ll see a blue ‘Call us’ button appear from 5 am to 10 pm Pacific time. If the phone number doesn’t appear, you may want to use a different way.

  • Getting help through the eBay community is another way you can find a quick solution to your issue. Type in a query in the search bar and hit the search button. You’ll find an existing thread with the different answers provided. If you don’t see any response appear for the question you searched, consider starting a new thread by choosing the relevant category, clicking the ‘start a new discussion” button, and asking your question.

Many of our loyal clients, who are professional eBay sellers, prefer to contact our customer support for the many eBay services and solutions we offer.

Whether you need a piece of expert advice on making your eBay storefront look outstanding, or you need more information on the policies of the online marketplace, our eBay experts can help you in incredible ways.

We Can Help You Live up To Your Shoppers’ Expectations

  • Customer support is key to being a successful seller on eBay. It is something you cannot overlook on eBay. Due to the detailed seller ratings on the marketplace, getting a three or below more than once can hurt your account status.
  • Do you receive over 500+ emails a day from your eBay buyers? Responding to them can eat up a lot of your precious time. And neglecting them will only make matters worse. Consider hiring our eBay specialists to handle your eBay eCommerce support.
  • We not only recruit and train our eBay support staff to answer messages from eBay, Amazon, and the clients’ website but also streamline the entire customer service process by leveraging software, listing methods, and technology. We support eCommerce businesses in increasing their quality of service they provide to their customers, which results in a direct increase in their sales.
  • By providing the right customer support, you not only improve your business image but can also increase your sales if your staff is trained to up-sell your products.


Our eBay customer support services is available through our dedicated staff plan.

Managed Services

Companies who require a dedicated staff member working exclusively for their business will benefit from our dedicated staff plans. Save up to 70% off labor costs!