Amazon Customer Support & Feedback Removal

Our adept customer support staff helps you become a successful seller


Our team of customer support experts provides world-class services to help your business grow and provide top-of-the-line service to every customer.

Customer Support is essential to successful operation not only on Amazon but in every other business. It is the process of providing straightforward assistance focused on a specific concern. This process efficiently assists customers to use products and services correctly and effectively to ensures customer satisfaction. It helps resolve challenges, questions, and concerns met by customers relating to a definite product or service.

Customer Support is considered as one of the main components of a brand’s Customer Relationship Management strategy to encourage Customer Satisfaction rating. It does not only provide support to customers but contributes towards the strategic objective of every company. It is often provided through multiple channels, such as chat, mobile calls, SMS messaging, and technical support.

Outsourcing Amazon Customer Support Services

Here at 2nd Office, we provide quality solutions for customer engagement. We focus on creating a seller-buyer relationship through effective services performed by our skilled support agents. We utilize our own process in order to properly interact with customers and to productively expedite solutions and services. Having a process in place makes our services better and more effective. It’s important to know what kind of customer we’re dealing with to establish satisfactory communication. Our support services focus on providing customers with the best Amazon experience, from choosing the best product to converting each click into sales.

We offer frontline support essential to help keep your business growing. With us on your side, you’ll have more time to run and keep your business expanding. We are equipped with skilled experts who will handle your accounts and take care of customer engagement. Finding the right partner in this field helps your business grow or the opposite, it is important to hire a team that will fit your best interests.

At 2nd Office, we help you grow. We treat your business as our business.

How to Remove Feedback On Amazon?

By neglecting Amazon feedback removal, a lot of users will not even try to buy your products, and the number of customers who will have a not-so-good experience with your product will start to rise steeply.

Outsourcing Amazon customer service is the best for you! And your search for your Amazon customer support outsourcing company is over. 2nd Office will provide you with well-trained staff that will give your customers an experience that they wanted and needed. One part of the customer support team’s job is using customer service skills. Our customer support staff will provide you the following but not limited to:

  • Answering the messages as soon as they are received

Your customers will receive quick, accurate, and individualized responses to make them feel attended and acknowledged with their concerns and issues. It will also cause them to increase your customer’s loyalty to you and your business. They will be provided with instant attention to their emails, chats, and calls and will be ensured that their experience as a customer will be our top priority.

  • Removing bad feedback on Amazon by contacting the customers

You might be wondering how to remove feedback on Amazon that affects your online business’ seller rating. Our customer support staff will remove or revise the lousy feedback that you received by resolving any issues that your customer had experienced with the products that they availed.

  • Creating simple customer interactions

Keeping up with today’s technology, a seamless connection with your customers will be built on any channel, any time, and in any time zone. The customers will be attended the way they wanted to be. The customers may also have an option if they’re going to be helped instantly and be offered with remedies and solutions.

  • Upselling products for additional sales

Learning about the product and immersing themselves into your business’ culture will not just help on resolving the customers’ concern, it will also help you have an increase in sales. Making it sure that every time an opportunity to offer and sell the products will arise, it will be taken professionally.

  • Writing and composing knowledge base publishing

Customer support staff supports the customers by providing informative, captivating, clear, and organized writing about your products. The customers will be able to help themselves with the content that was provided. It will also help lessen the customers who will contact you for support.

  • Providing product feedback and reviews

The customer support team can also give some good feedback and reviews on the products that you are selling that will help your business have good standing in Amazon.

  • Conducting studies about the development of some issues

Studying what works and what doesn’t on your business can also be an assignment of your customer support staff. To help you know what else could be improved in your products and your business itself.


Our Amazon support services is available through our dedicated staff plan.

Managed Services

Companies who require a dedicated staff member working exclusively for their business will benefit from our dedicated staff plans. Save up to 70% off labor costs!

Remove Negative Amazon Feedback Through Outsourcing Amazon Customer Support Service

2nd Office knows that customer service is one of the essential parts of your online business in Amazon. We have dedicated staff plans for our Amazon support services that will be offered exclusively to companies who require only the committed and diligent staff members. Outsourcing Amazon customer support services will also let you have a well-established operation to support your customers without increasing your spending and incurring additional expenses.

Make your customers feel and know that you care and that you are taking control of the feedback and reviews that they are giving you by putting yourself in front of them through your customer service and support staff. Don’t let some unattended customers ruin the development that you are making with your business. Your business’ success is dependent to your customers. Don’t let your business collapse from its own success.