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Why is Mobile the Future of Ecommerce?

By Jeremiah Abuan Commerce reached its greatest transformation when it came in the online world, and once again it’s entering another phase. The change shifts you from shopping on your desktop to shopping at the palm of your hands. This is actually a good thing for both the company and its customers. For Business Owners Having a mobile strategy means you have the ability to immediately notify your customers of new products with push or pop-up ads as opposed to sending periodic emails, translating into higher retention. Aside from advertisements, transitioning to a mobile platform allow users to shop anywhere, thus translating to more purchases; and adding a social function gives you more possible shoppers. With this change you can also have a better idea of the customer’s buying behavior, which means you can offer them items that they are likely to buy and not just swipe over. For Customers Smartphone apps are much more streamlined and designed to include everything that you would want to do before a purchase such as comparing prices and reading reviews without the hassle of having to open multiple tabs on your mobile browser. Since buying pattern is being observed, the app is more […]

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Why Outsourcing Your Customer Service is Good for Your Business

By: Danielle Torno Help Desk, Technical, Live Chat, and Customer Service Hotline – these are the most common streams where businesses should focus on delivering desirable results to their customers that will ultimately lead to conversion, sales, or repeat purchase. Engaging your customers appropriately is one way you will know their needs and in return, be able to provide the necessary support and response and achieve customer satisfaction. Hence, it’s important to take into account customer feedback, responding to inquiries, and providing technical support as vital aspects to grow your business. The good thing is you can outsource your Customer Service to a service provider. Business owners nowadays turn to outsourcing some supporting business processes so they can focus on building and strengthening their brand. Here are some reasons why: 1. Reduced Costs Outsourcing your Customer Service is one inexpensive way to add help for your customers. It eliminates your need to invest on tangible infrastructure, equipment, and technology. Also, since most outsourcing vendors are located in Asia where the cost of living is low-priced, you get the best deal of gaining access to skilled staff without sacrificing the quality of work; which leads us to number 2.   2. […]

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8 Quick Tips to Launch Your eCommerce Business’ Digital Presence

Written by Danielle Alonzo   Maybe you’re a budding e-commerce business owner who’s clueless about laying the ground for your online presence or a well-established one looking for tips to amplify your game, this blog post has some tips & tricks you can add to your arsenal.   1)       Make a Marketing Plan An entrepreneur owner once said that the secret to a successful business is to find a target audience and build your tools around them. Research on your demographic. Which social class do they belong to? What kind of products would be attractive for them?   2)      Establish a Niche After making a marketing plan, you have to find a way to separate yourself from the pack and beat your competitor. The best way to be effective at this is to make sure your online posts have a unique and personal voice. It shouldn’t sound like it was written technically but must be compelling, informative and relevant. Highlight what you have to offer and why only you can provide this kind of service.   3)      Use Keywords Many eCommerce business owners make the mistake of putting up their content online and letting fate do the rest. It’s also […]

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4 Reasons Why It’s Best To Outsource from the Philippines

Written By Danielle Alonzo   The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Sector of the Philippines has announced that the multi-billion dollar industry now employs a million people since its inception in the early 1990s. The BPO Industry has anchored itself as a huge contributor in the Philippine economy since 2004 after posting a whopping $1.5 billion in revenues with only 103,500 employees. Not only that, predictions abound that its revenues will increase up to 25 billion dollars by 2016. (Agence France-Presse, 2014). These numbers aren’t just arbitrary sets of digits; these tell us a simple concept of hiring highly-skilled staff, harnessing the power of the internet and providing quality service for clients. These numbers also indicate a win-win situation for  both the outsourced company and the business owner seeking to outsource as they incur fewer costs for simple tasks. Here are 4 reasons why you should invest in getting manpower from this lovely country: 1. Cultural Compatibility. If you’re looking for workers that would be able to understand the nuances behind every task you ask them to do, then Filipinos would be a good fit as our culture is compatible with Western ones. The Philippines was governed by the United States from 1899 to 1946 and traces […]

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Build Real Relationships and Be Successful in Your Business

What’s the key to business success? There are actually a lot of different answers to this question. Probably you’ve been told to spend more time on building your brand, expand your social media network, improve your employees’ productivity, identify your strengths, and many other more. However, the most fundamental key to business success is, most often than not, forgotten. And that is building real relationships with real people in the real world. So why is building “real relationships” the key to business success? Here are some reasons: Real network is your most important business asset. Establish relationships with real people because they are the ones who actually get things done. While social network is the “in” thing nowadays, nothing beats the “real network.” Always remember that one real relationship is more important, and has bigger worth than thousands of social media links, followers or likes. You sell your service/ products to real human beings. Even at online stores or businesses, real human beings make the purchase. In spite of the various ecommerce channels being used nowadays, there will always be a human seller, and a human buyer. With this, your relationship with your buyer is of utmost importance. Opportunities come […]

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