Asia’s BPO Industry

India BPOs setting up elsewhere?

India has been a hub for the BPO industry for many years and still has the highest revenue generation among other outsourcing countries.  However, with the way the Philippines boosted their revenue from USD2.8 Billion in 2010 to USD11 Billion in just one year, the small country can knock the giant off the top spot in no time at all.  So, how do the Filipinos do it?

Factors that cause the changes in the BPO industry wars:

  • Accent

    Filipinos are favored by most companies because of their ability to adapt to their client’s accent whether American or European.  Philippine culture is greatly influenced by the west and is one of a few countries where everybody can speak and comprehend the English language.

  • Government support 

    The Philippine government welcomed the BPO industry with open arms by setting very attractive to businesses setting up shop in the country.  Tax cuts and even tax holidays are common just to name a few.  Policies and legislation were passed to enhance call center training for would-be employees.  Many educational institutions provide low cost training programs (some even give them for free).

  • Motivation

    More and more Filipinos are pursuing their careers in the BPO industry especially the fresh graduates.  The Filipino’s perspective of BPO firms as only a second option for employment has drastically changed over the years.  Today, their motivation to work for a BPO company is stronger than ever.

As more companies realize the advantages of setting offshore offices in the Philippines, Indian BPO companies are setting up shop in the country as well.  Clients enjoy the benefits of Filipino abilities, while Indian BPOs get their share of the revenue who then pays taxes and liabilities to the Philippine government.  It’s a win-win situation for everyone.