Do Not Be Overwhelmed with Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, Linked In.

These are just examples of social media platforms that business owners and marketers can use nowadays. With the need to be active on social media, and with tons of social media platforms available, it’s rather easy to get overwhelmed. How do you manage a number of social media pages? How do you maintain the consistency of relevant and interesting posts? How do you monitor messages, replies and comments?

Here are some tips which could help you establish a strong social media presence without stressing yourself out:

  • Create a Strategy

Your social media efforts shouldn’t be a hit-or-miss thing. Before jumping in the social media bandwagon, you must create a marketing strategy that will serve as guide for you. Determine the social media platforms that will best work for your business/ brand and determine the types of content that will be most relevant to your target market.

  • Practice Social Media Time Management

Purposefully block off segments of your time and allot these for social media management. You should also create “social media editorial calendar” where all your postings are scheduled and written in advance. By doing these, you are assured that your social media pages are consistently managed and you don’t have to search for topics to post every now and then.

  • Make Use of Scheduling Tools

Good thing, there are now available tools which can help you manage your social media accounts more easily.  Do some research and see what best fits your needs and preferences. Examples of these scheduling tools are Buffer, which will allow you to read through blog posts relevant to your network and schedule them to certain social networks, and Hootsuite, which enables you to manage multiple social media platforms and schedule posts as well.

  • Prioritize Your Contents

What you post on your social media platforms is very important because these will either win your audience over, or make them lose interest of your brand. Make sure that what you’re publishing are relevant and of value to your target market. Post something that will elicit a response from your readers. Keep your target market interested and engaged with your contents.

  • Be Human

The use of editorial calendar and scheduling tools shouldn’t hinder you from showing that you’re a human being who’s interested in what your online community talks about. Be aware of the current events, and make sure to share something about a “hot” or interesting topic. Monitor what your online audience posts and leave a comment or two. Be human by being in tune with what’s happening around and by listening to your online community.

Follow these tips and enjoy doing your social media marketing efforts! If you have questions about social media, or if you’re considering getting help, feel free to contact us. We offer social media services that will help your business grow.