Froogle (Google) Product search. Are your eBay listings showing up?

Are your products showing up in Google Product search? If your answer is no, let me tell you why. Google’s product search is a tricky one, they filter out any items that do not fit their product criteria. What’s the criteria you ask?

  1. Images must have a white background – Your 1st eBay picture which is always the eBay gallery picture must have a white background. Google wants to keep their shopping search engine nice and clean so they flag any images that do not have a white background.
  2. Images cannot have any borders
  3. Images must be 500 max in pixel width
  4. Brand and Manufacture fields must be filled in eBay’s item specifics no exceptions.
  5. No watermarks or text on images (thanks for the tip mojavelyn)

If you meet all the criteria, your feeds should start showing up in Google’s product search engine. They usually do rounds and review the feeds, I’m not sure how often they do it, but if your product’s aren’t showing up I would call your eBay rep if you have one and they can take a look at why your products are not showing up in Google’s product search.

Do you want to show up in Google’s Product search? Hell yes you do! You will definitely get more sales if you show up in Google’s product search! If you aren’t showing up already, you better fix your listings!

For Google’s complete criteria on their submission feeds, go here.