Business Process Outsourcing Philippines tops India and China as global shoring location

Recently, the Philippines was ranked as the top global shoring locations for Business Process Outsourcing beating India and China.  This is according to a report by multinational real estate advisor Jones Lang LaSalle based on the number of jobs made by investing corporations in shared contact centers, service centers and technical support centers from 2008 up to 2011.  It is an amazing feat considering that the Philippines only has a fraction of the population, not to mention the land mass, of the other two countries.

According to the report, The Philippines drew in 115 projects that equaled to 72,000 jobs within the said timeframe against India’s 105 projects – 64,000 jobs and China’s 56 projects – 25,000 jobs.  It obviously shows how more and more companies choose to bring their businesses to the small archipelago.  Why not? The Philippines is probably the most westernized country in the east.  Colonized by the Spaniards for centuries and then by the Americans in the early half of the 19th century, the country is quite literally a perfect example of “east meets west”.

As one of only a few Asian countries that recognizes English as an official language, Filipinos have a very neutral accent that most businesses prefer.  In addition, the country is heavily influenced by western culture, specifically by the Americans.  Even the Philippine Constitution and government structure is modeled after the US’s own.  These factors make outsourcing Philippines the best choice especially for US-based corporations as Filipinos are very aware of their culture.

In addition, the local government welcomes the BPO industry with open arms by providing tax cuts and other incentives to prospective investors while providing low cost contact center training to maintain a steady number of qualified employees.  As a result, many who have invested in the country are likely to stay in spite of their own government’s plans of trying to bring the jobs back to their own backyard.

Achieving high productivity while maintaining the cost of operation to a minimum – this is every corporation’s wet dream.  Outsourcing Philippines provides these and much more.  Don’t believe it? Each time you call to check your bank account, book a hotel or a flight, or simply getting parts for your weekend project, chances are you’ve talked to Filipinos more than you realize.