Philippines vs India in BPO

Business Outsourcing Philippines vs India

Even after having only one-tenth of India’s population, the Philippines, with 400,000 call center agents manages to lead by 50,000 against its bigger rival according to IBM’s recent Global Invesment Locations Database. It also said that the tiny country is also became the more favored destination for other business support services by a huge margin. Thanks to the Filipino’s very neutral accent and their familiarity with western culture, many companies prefer to set up shop in the Philippines than anywhere else. Furthermore, the Philippine government shows its full support by providing very enticing deals to BPO firms such as six to eight-year tax holidays.

The Formula For Success

Filipinos can communicate with a very neutral accent as opposed to their Indian counterparts. In some cases, tenured agents are often mistaken for actual Americans and become surprised when they find out that they are actually speaking with someone halfway around the world. Moreover, as a former US colony, Filipinos are pretty much exposed to the American way of life. This gives them a better understanding of their clients needs and how to handle different scenarios more effectively.

Know to be good quick thinkers and good problem solvers, Filipinos can work even under extreme pressure and approach different situations with the utmost care and of course, with a smile on their face. Their natural ability to turn even the worst of situations into something positive is another reason why big companies choose to take their business in the country.

Probably the most important factor on why the BPO industry thrives in the Philippines is because of its government’s full support. By implementing tax cuts and exemptions, BPO firms, especially the new ones, can really have an advantage by outsourcing to the Philippines. After all, six to eight years of running a business without paying your taxes is every businessman’s wet dream.