eBay Competitor Analysis & Market Research

With our eBay competitor analysis and market research services, we help eBay sellers position themselves as a strong player in the marketplace so they can stay ahead of their competition.

We provide competitor analysis and market research for eBay sellers


Entering a highly competitive online marketplace such as eBay entails a lot of work. eBay offers a myriad of opportunities for e-Commerce. It provides a great platform for sellers and buyers to meet together and transact with ease. But with these advantages come a handful of barriers that might intimidate startups and small- and medium-sized enterprises from selling on eBay.

To be successful on eBay, you need to know what to sell before you buy your merchandise. Having in-depth information about your market and knowing where you want to position yourself in a huge marketplace will allow you to start your operations smoothly. Using the latest tools and proven technologies, we provide you with graphical data for sales on eBay up to a 90-day period. All of this information will be presented to you in an easy-to-understand format so that even your kid can read it.

That’s why 2nd Office is your partner in getting the job done. Our competitor analysis and market research services give you a head start to sell on eBay the right way!

eBay Competitor Analysis

Our competitor analysis service on eBay is tailored to give you detailed and accurate information about the existing competition in the marketplace. Our eBay professionals will study the marketing strategies of top retailers to provide insight on what works and what does not on the platform.

eBay Market Research

Marketplace research has proven to be a helpful tool for startups or enterprises who want to sell on eBay. Being a successful eBay seller is proportionate to your understanding of the market and what customers are looking for in there.

  • eBay Seller Hub

Seller Hub is a tool that offers important information that you need to grow your business on eBay. The convenient location allows you to track your sales during specific periods, manage tasks, view service metrics, and peer benchmarks.

  • Price Research

The price of a product should be competitive to maximize sales conversion. With our price tracking services, you can set the best price for your products to ensure customers won’t look for alternatives.

eBay has specific SEO requirements. Our eBay experts use reliable tools to identify high-value keywords that perform in the site and incorporate those terms in listings for enhanced searchability of your items.

  • New Market Opportunities

This process involves intensive research into current trends, listing performance, and sell-through rate. It entails a careful analysis of the top-selling products and best-selling categories in your niche to accurately predict the next bestseller in the market so you can take a dynamic approach in finding new selling opportunities.

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Company Overview

The client is a top seller in the fashion category selling clothing and shoes.


Price the products at competitive rates that would place the client ahead of their competition


  • The client wants to expand their existing product offerings by introducing new items but has trouble identifying which items they should add to their current product mix
  • Lack of an effective system to access a long list of authorized brand name suppliers
  • Tedious and time-consuming listing of products in the correct category
  • Accurate tracking and analysis of competitor’s price
  • Identifying which best-selling products to purchase within their budget


2nd Office will perform eBay competitor analysis and acquire sales data for over 30+ brands selling in the fashion category within a 90-day period. Our team will also execute eBay product research to identify best-selling items that the client can purchase and add to their product mix.

2nd Office will then categorize the gathered sales data and reveal information on the following:

  • Number of units sold per SKU
  • Number of units sold per brand
  • Number of units sold per color and size
  • Average sales per product
  • Total number of sales per SKU
  • Total number of sales per brand
  • Total number of sales per color
  • Top 5 competitors
  • Top-selling SKUs of each competitor
  • Total number of SKUs sold per competitor
  • Competitors’ selling revenue


By knowing what your competition is doing and the current trends on the market, you can make informed decisions on what actions to take to ensure you stay ahead of your competition. With the knowledge and valuable insight that you can derive from a thorough market research, increasing sell-through rates will no longer be a difficult feat.

Our eBay experts use a combination of automated and manual procedures to track down your competitors’ pricing and marketing strategies to assist you in formulating an effective strategy for pricing your products.

Cut on expenses, save on time, and save on important resources by hiring us to do the work for you. Our competitor and market research services guarantee increased sales through rate for maximized revenue.


Our eBay competitor research and eBay marketplace research services are available through the following plans:

Turnkey Project Delivery

Curated for businesses who want to assemble a team to execute and finish a specific project or any other tasks without having to hire and pay for a full-time staff member. Needing talents who can work on multiple tasks across different fields of expertise? Our multi-skilled professionals are the right partners for your enterprise.

Managed Services

Companies who require a dedicated staff member working exclusively for their business will benefit from our dedicated staff plans. Dedicated members focus solely on your account to ensure round-the-clock coverage of your operations. Minimize costs on labor and save up to 70% off of operating expenses!

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