8 Quick Tips to Launch Your eCommerce Business’ Digital Presence

Maybe you’re a budding e-commerce business owner who’s clueless about laying the ground for your online presence or a well-established one looking for tips to amplify your game, this blog post has some tips & tricks you can add to your arsenal.

1)       Make a Marketing Plan

An entrepreneur owner once said that the secret to a successful business is to find a target audience and build your tools around them. Research on your demographic. Which social class do they belong to? What kind of products would be attractive for them?

2)      Establish a Niche

After making a marketing plan, you have to find a way to separate yourself from the pack and beat your competitor. The best way to be effective at this is to make sure your online posts have a unique and personal voice. It shouldn’t sound like it was written technically but must be compelling, informative and relevant. Highlight what you have to offer and why only you can provide this kind of service.

3)      Use Keywords

Many eCommerce business owners make the mistake of putting up their content online and letting fate do the rest. It’s also important to help improve your search results. Make sure your post titles and posts contain the keywords that your customers and prospect buyers search. You can learn more about this concept by reading up on keyword density or employing the help of SEO experts.

4)      Post on a Regular Schedule

It’s also good to be consistent on how often you put up online content. Most readers are turned off by blogs or sites which have become stale or don’t adapt to the fast-changing world. They might think that archaic-looking graphics or blog posts would be a sign of unresponsiveness on your part if ever they would find a product they would want to buy at your site. One way to address this is to reserve articles or content ahead of time. For example, have an article ready a week before it’ll be published. Also make sure your website looks fresh and design-friendly at all times.


5)      Create A User-Oriented Experience

Because your customers can’t physically see or touch your products, you actually have to work twice as hard to convince them to shell out money. You can address this problem by making the experience of visiting your website a “feel-good” one. Make your customers “feel-good” about the decisions they make. Don’t advertise your product as is but create a value for it in the consumers’ lives. Another good tip is to emphasize prompt and effective customer service. Make sure to let your customers know that their feedback and opinions do matter and that you can find solutions as a response to their comments.

6)      Show Pictures or Create A Human Face for the Company

‘Nuff said. A picture is worth a thousand words. This is a cliche but it’s true.


7)      Utilize Social Media, But Don’t Solely Rely On it

In our day and age, “likes”, “hearts”, “retweets”, etc. are great avenues to get good word-of-mouth for your brand. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram can help build momentum to help you launch your business. However, relying on social media alone can be a disaster. Social media alone won’t professionalize your other processes. Importance should be given on boosting all of your technology platforms and not just one.


8)      Evolve & Innovate

Steve Jobs said that “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Indeed, Steve’s highly coveted Apple creations were borne not out of complacency but out of a desire to change how the world thinks about technology. You can also make this change for your company, maybe not by inventing something as huge as the iPhone but taking baby steps to adapt your marketing plan, product or business strategy to the ever-changing times. Look out for latest trends, analyze market metrics, etc.

Written by Danielle Alonzo

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