Virtual Assistant

We provide Virtual Assistant services for your business’ varying needs. Pick from our list of VA specialisations and start growing your business the right way.


Virtual Assistant Specializations

  • General Virtual Assistant – These VAs don’t have any specializations but they are capable of handling a wider range of tasks/activities. These are managerial specialists able to oversee mid to high level activities like marketing, email handling, research, data entry, social media management, calendar scheduling, flight bookings, etc.
  • Writers and SEO Specialists – These VAs specialize in words. They use the power of the English language to market your business and generate interest amongst your targeted populace of consumers. They can create technical and /or creative write-ups, spin articles, make keyword searches, manage blogs, analyze market trends, and offer brand consultations.
  • Programmers/Web Developers – These VAs specialize in computer language. If you need technical assistance and supervision for your systems, these VAs are the perfect people for the job. They can set up and maintain websites and provide custom programming.
  • Creative VAs – These VAs specialize in visual concepts and design. They can create graphics, provide layout concepts for websites and other materials.
  • eCommerce Specialists – These VAs specialize in eCommerce. They can provide consultation, assistance, and technical support for varied eCommerce applications such as Prestashop, eBay, Amazon, and Magento. They know the ins and outs of eCommerce.


How to Start Working with Your Virtual Assistant

Once you’ve selected a specialized or a general virtual assistant, there are some things that you would need to tackle first before letting your new virtual assistant manage your activities.

  1. Talk – Let your VA know your needs. Take the time to go through all the details of your business and yourself. Get to know each other and establish a connection with your virtual assistant. This will help create a healthy working relationship that would lead to a more productive venture together.
  2. Detail – Be exact with your needs. Your VA will not be able to predict what your specific wants would be. Setting things straight from the outset would get things done faster without the need for revisions.
  3. Time – Create a reasonable timeline for your VA. With a clear set of timed goals, your virtual assistant would be able to organize tasks better and set a productive tempo of work.
  4. Listen – Your VA might have some input about you, your business, details of the work, and the timeline and goals you have provided. Listen and be open to suggestions. Keep in mind that your virtual assistant is here to help you grow your business. A healthy communication between you and your VA will ensure a more productive working relationship.


We’ve Got Your Back

Our Virtual Assistants are not home based. All of our staff are office-based, monitored by operations managers so that quality is ensured and maximized. So if you are looking to hire a team of VAs to run an entire department or a huge project, they can communicate with each other face to face here in our office. No need to constantly coordinate them, you can just assign a team lead for the group and just progressively monitor the team from time to time.

Everything that you communicate with your VA is confidential. All data streamed to and fro are secure in our servers. We are registered under the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission and local law requires us to safeguard your data so rest assured that nothing will ever leak.

We also take care of everything your VA needs including insurance benefits, salary bonuses, and other employment details that would normally bog you down. Just sit back, relax, and watch your business grow. We’ve got your back!


Operations Managers and Team Leaders

If you hired VA teams, our Operations Managers or your assigned Team Leader will monitor them for you and will ask for your feedback from time to time. They can also provide suggestions to help you run your team more efficiently.