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World First – cross-border payments for online sellers

If you trade overseas on e-commerce marketplaces and generate sales in a foreign currency, you’ll need an effective way of collecting these funds and converting them back into your own currency. It’s not always obvious, but some marketplaces can convert your funds at an uncompetitive exchange rate which means you’ll end up with less.

That’s why 2nd Office has teamed up with World First, a specialist currency exchange company, to help you save time and money when repatriating your overseas earnings.

How World First can help
World First provide access to receiving bank accounts – free of charge – in USD, EUR, GBP and CAD so you can collect payments from overseas marketplaces in different currencies.

You can then transfer your funds back home at a great exchange rate – better than those typically offered by most marketplaces and banks – to help ensure you keep more of your hard-earned money.

  • Plug your receiving bank accounts into marketplaces all around the world
  • Save up to 3% on exchange rates compared to banks*
  • Manage your funds 24/7 from a simple online platform
  • Access support when you need it from a team of marketplace experts

Join over 20,000 online marketplace sellers already using World First’s e-commerce solution. Sign up now at or contact their dedicated e-commerce team at

*Calculated from exchange rates and fees obtained using mystery shop data on 08.10.15, based on the cost of making a transfer of £5,000 in euros excluding the transfer fee.

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