Delve Deep into Amazon’s A9 Search Algorithm

As we explore the e-commerce community, we become familiar with Amazon’s A9 Search Algorithm. If you’re an established seller in the market then you probably know this and have used it to your advantage.

But if you’re new, then feel free to read on further! We’ll be covering the things you need to know about Amazon’s search algorithm and how it affects your rankings. 

What is A9 Search Algorithm and How Does it Work?

A9 Search Algorithm is a system that identifies and refines product searches for better sales conversions. When a potential buyer searches for a product on Amazon, the listings displayed are based on the ranking assessment which is determined by certain factors placed to provide the best shopping experience among its customers.

What Factors Determine Amazon’s A9 Search Algorithm?

Sales Performance History – Refers to the sales velocity or how fast the product sells in the market. The more sales you can generate (among your competitors) within the same search terms and in the shortest period, the better your ranking will get.

Text Match Relevance – Identifies the relevance of the usage of keywords and phrases present in a product listing and how well it matches with the search terms typed in by buyers. This is where Amazon product page optimization comes into the picture.

Price – Amazon offers the best price among its users so in the occasion that several merchants and sellers offer the same product, the one who offers the lowest price will be chosen to appear among the top results.

Product Availability – Sellers who have more stocks and inventory will be prioritized among sellers who ran out of stock. 

Delivery Time – Getting the products delivered on time and before its scheduled arrival will achieve better results as this prevents further complications such as lost in transit packages or late deliveries.

Tips in Improving Product Visibility and Ranking in the market

  1. Optimize Listings

Boost and utilize your contents with Amazon product page optimization. Optimizing your contents will help enrich your listings so make sure to incorporate quality work to have better visibility. Don’t forget to do Amazon keyword optimization to better refine your keywords as well.

2. Focus on Keywords

Keywords bring in traffic, so make use of Amazon keyword optimization to properly integrate the right keywords into your product listings. Use various tools and software to easily generate and identify the appropriate search terms in the market.  

3. Get Lots of Reviews

Ask and persuade buyers to leave reviews. More feedback will result in higher ranking. Engage and respond to customers with their queries, suggestions, and reviews to make clarifications and clear out misunderstanding.

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