Keep an Eye Out for These 4 ECommerce Trends in 2021

Let’s say your eCommerce business had major success in 2020, and perhaps you might be looking to maximize your sales in 2021, as well. How do you do that? By leveraging the best eCommerce trends for this year, of course! 

The eCommerce landscape has enjoyed tremendous growth this past year, with the ongoing global situation causing many people in the world to purchase their needs online as opposed to brick-and-mortar stores. This plays well into your hands if you are in the eCommerce sphere, and it is in your best interest to keep up with eCommerce product and sales trends for 2021 so, you can extend your success well into the year. 

Interactive Content Is Taking Over 

Flashy colors, clear images, and well-written content just wouldn’t cut it anymore in the current eCommerce landscape. Today, people tend to gravitate towards interactive content: content that allows a consumer to either choose, zoom, click, or anything that allows for more activity and engagement than simply looking at an ad. This holds true either for traditional websites or for mobile eCommerce design

A prime example of this is Nike’s Nike By You campaign, in which consumers get to decide how their shoe will look by allowing them to customize almost every minute detail of a particular make. 

Sustainability Matters 

Today’s consumers are more vigilant with what goes into the products they buy. Terms like “environment-friendly” or “cruelty-free” are so sought-after in product descriptions, that many businesses go out of their way to make sure that these terms apply to their products. For instance, a recent survey shows that 75% of consumers want brands to reduce the amount of packaging they use. A Nielsen survey also states that 73% of consumers are open to changing their consumption habits if doing so will reduce their impact on the environment. 

This is why you may have to reevaluate your products and find out if the materials or ingredients they have are sustainable or not. If they are, make sure that you tell that to your customers. 

Social Ecommerce Is Rising 

As you probably already know, social media is the modern salesman’s best friend. Social media is a such a powerful tool that virtually every business in the world has some sort of social media presence. In fact, a huge chunk of people ages 25 to 34 either purchase or have purchased products via social media, either from a platform’s innate marketplace feature, or from other users. 

Of course, not every social media platform is equipped with the tools and services you need for B2C or B2B eCommerce. For example, while Facebook has its own integrated marketplace, other social media platforms like Tiktok is on the verge of establishing its own, and it will only make sense for other SocMed platforms to follow suit, as well. So, if you have a favorite social media platform, watch out because these sites are slowly but surely integrating eCommerce features. 

User-Generated Content Is More Important Than Ever 

Regardless of the nature of your business, user-generated content (or more commonly known as word of mouth) has always been a powerful tool. However, with people being more wary than ever, many consumers will not even consider looking at your products if you do not have user-generated content, such as reviews, ratings, influencer marketing, and others. You can observe this phenomenon on both B2C or B2B eCommerce marketplaces. 

This is why it is very important to build rapport with your community so you can extract as much user-generated content as you can. Ask customers to leave a review, or find an influencer who can sell your products to his or her audience, just so you can build a certain level of trust and goodwill from potential customers. 

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