Rise Above with These Top Three Competitor Analysis Tools for Amazon

Having an extensive background knowledge of your competitors can help you more than you think. As Amazon sellers, it is important to stay updated with the latest trends and happenings in order to keep up with the growing diversity in the market. This includes monitoring and keeping an eye on your competitors, so you know who you’re standing up against and how you can do better with your Amazon product page optimization.

Good thing there’s tons of software that are readily available so you can easily perform competitor analysis whenever and wherever you want to.

Here’s a list of tools frequently used by Amazon sellers when it comes to competitor analysis.

AMZ Tracker          

AMZ Tracker is an all-time favorite among sellers with its wide variety of functions. From keyword searching and tracking, which shows results based on specific search terms; conversions, which lets users identify the selling problems in a product listing; negative review alerts, which immediately notifies sellers if someone tries to take their listing, super URLs, competitor analysis and even long tail keyword research. It’s a comprehensive tool that covers all the functions every seller must need to successfully perform Amazon product page optimization. It has a one-week trial period and monthly charges start at $50 to $400.


Sellics is known for its easy-to-navigate interface. Its strong and powerful features make it convenient to run Amazon keyword optimization, and includes tools for keyword research, rank tracking, analytics, competitor research, performance history and information. It can also collect sales data such as price history and volume. 

Jungle Scout

One of the best when it comes to research, Jungle scout is responsible for researching merchandise that can be filtered using various categories to get information to track and compare data for future insight and business growth. Users can easily get access on their database to get data analytics, estimates, and even monitor the movement of your competitors (with information such as their estimated monthly sales, product pricing and many more). Available on web browser and as a Google Chrome extension, you can easily analyze data by just viewing their product and detail information.

Choosing the Right Tool

Choosing the right tool for your business depends on the functions you need most. Make sure to grab the tool that offers what your business needs as this will aid and serve as a guide as you strive for growth and improvement. Set up a budget and craft detailed plans and strategies so you can focus on your strengths and deal with your shortcomings and of course, don’t forget to enrich your contents with Amazon keyword optimization.

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