Your Introduction to Amazon A+ Content

Amazon is perhaps the biggest online marketplace in the world, and this is because Amazon focuses heavily on customer experience. Sellers, on the other hand, try to leverage the customer experience Amazon has built, and they become successful because of it.

Aside from the customer experience, Amazon also provides tools that sellers can use to maximize their sales. One of these tools is Amazon’s A+ Content services.

What is Amazon’s A+ Content Services?

Think of yourself as a buyer for a second. As a buyer, you go into Amazon’s website looking for, say, a new TV. Now, when you search for a TV on the website, you are met with two sellers. Seller A has this page that is similar to all the other pages on Amazon – a bit cluttered, tiring to navigate, and potentially a tad confusing.

Seller B, on the other hand, has a page that is streamlined, easier to navigate, has videos that explain why their TV is better, and is pleasing to look at overall.

If you are the buyer, which seller are you more likely to trust? Which seller will you more likely gravitate towards? And, most importantly, which seller will you most likely buy from?

This is the idea behind Amazon’s A+ Content services. A+ Content (formerly known as Amazon EBC services) allows you to customize the description section of your product, thus setting your page apart from your competitors. A+ Content enables you to add HD videos, insert more product images, customize the layout of your page, and provide a better experience overall when compared to the typical Amazon product page. You will essentially have your own customizable website within the Amazon ecosystem.

Another great feature of A+ Content is that your text and images can be indexed by Google. This means that your product may appear on Google search results. However, keep in mind that your text will not be indexed within Amazon itself, so make sure that you still fill out the description section of your original Amazon page even if it does not appear on your page anymore.

Why Should I Use A+ Content?

As a seller, you always want to stand out from the competition. A+ Content allows you to do that by giving you the ability to utilize modern content marketing strategies when selling your product via Amazon. Ultimately, the goal of A+ Content is to give you a competitive edge, and the service does this by ensuring that your content and the product it describes comes across in the most effective manner possible.

In today’s digital marketplace, content is king. This is why sellers and business owners, both big and small, are investing major sums of money to reinforce their online presence. Remember this: it’s not just your price, your brand, and its story that matters to consumers – how you tell your story makes a massive difference as well.

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