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Asia’s BPO Industry

India BPOs setting up elsewhere? India has been a hub for the BPO industry for many years and still has the highest revenue generation among other outsourcing countries.  However, with the way the Philippines boosted their revenue from USD2.8 Billion in 2010 to USD11 Billion in just one year, the small country can knock the giant off the top spot in no time at all.  So, how do the ...

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The BPO industry and Its Effects on the US Economy

Is the BPO industry taking jobs away from America? Many companies have turned to BPOs to take advantage of its benefits.  As a result, Americans fear that this trend will have ill effects to the economy as they believe that it will only augment the already high unemployment rate in the country.  However, businesses cannot ignore the fact that the cost of 1 local employee can get them 3 ...

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Froogle (Google) Product search. Are your eBay listings showing up?

Are your products showing up in Google Product search? If your answer is no, let me tell you why. Google’s product search is a tricky one, they filter out any items that do not fit their product criteria. What’s the criteria you ask? Images must have a white background – Your 1st eBay picture which is always the eBay gallery picture must have a white background. Google wants to keep ...

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